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173556 Valhallen Platform Overview Changed the wording on the "Crystal White Edition" section to past tense rather than present tense 04/28/15 10:57AM 1 Approved
129587 Quid_Pro_Bono Platform Overview Small change - added a note under "features" which explains that the OLED display is no longer available on newer vita models 08/17/14 11:40PM 9 Approved
114805 KamranMackey Platform Overview Updated the article a bit more to reflect that the PS Vita Slim (PCH-2000) was released in the UK, the United States and Canada, and added their respective prices in each region. 06/14/14 07:20PM 8 Approved
111859 KamranMackey Platform Overview Updated the Applications section to be up to date with the applications Sony has released in later PlayStation Vita Firmware Updates. Also updated the Features section a little bit as well. 06/04/14 03:58AM 72 Approved
110718 LordAndrew Platform Overview I think it's finally time to demote this information. That name hasn't been used for over two years. 05/30/14 08:47AM 21 Approved
66989 Cube Platform Overview 11/05/13 09:10AM 2 Approved
64382 JayEH Platform Overview Added info on Vita 2000 10/20/13 02:56PM 58 Approved
42483 Nadafinga Platform Overview 07/12/13 02:21PM 47 Approved
30405 illegalnull Platform Overview Just added info on the Skype app and adjusted the install base number based on sales reports from Sony's end of fiscal year earnings report. 05/16/13 10:10AM 33 Approved
1851 supaman900s Platform Overview PS Vita has Playstation Network support 02/14/13 07:46AM 18 Approved

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