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    Sony's second virtual reality device is designed for PlayStation 5. It features new controllers that utilize adaptive triggers and haptic feedback found in the DualSense, but also touch sensitivity for finger tracking.

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    PlayStation VR2 will be released on February 22, 2023 for $549.99 USD.

    Headset Specs

    • OLED Display
    • 2000 x 2040 resolution per eye
    • Refresh rate​ 90Hz, 120Hz
    • Adjustable lens separation​
    • Field of View​ ~110 degrees
    • Six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer)​
    • IR Proximity sensor
    • 4 Cameras for Headset and Controller Tracking
    • ​IR camera for eye tracking per eye
    • Feedback​ Vibration on Headset
    • Communication​ with PS5 USB Type-C®
    • Built-in microphone​
    • Stereo headphone jack

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