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    Pocket Fighter

    Game » consists of 13 releases. Released Sep 04, 1997

    A casual fighting game spin-off of the versus puzzle game Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, featuring super-deformed versions of numerous fighters from the Street Fighter and Darkstalkers series.

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    Super Gem Fighter: Mini Mix (known in Japan and in later worldwide console releases as Pocket Fighter) is a 2D comedic crossover fighting game developed and released by Capcom for arcades (using their CPS-2 hardware) on September 4, 1997.

    A spin-off of the crossover versus puzzle game Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, Super Gem Fighter brings characters from the Street Fighter and Darkstalkers fighting game series (as well as the 1996 game Red Earth) together in a cutesy super-deformed style.

    Intended for more casual fighting game players, the game uses a simplistic control scheme with two basic attack buttons ("Punch" and "Kick") and a more powerful "Special" button (for heavy attacks and "Mighty Combos"). In addition, the game features a simplistic universal chain combo system ("Flash Combos"), items that are dropped during the match (including throwable "elemental orbs" and healing food), and a special Gem system (where players upgrade their special moves during the match by collecting color-coded gems dropped by their opponent).

    The game was later ported to the Sony PlayStation in Japan (on June 11, 1998), North America (on July 1, 1998), and Europe (by Virgin on November 1998). This version was later re-released digitally via the PlayStation Network (as a PSOne Classics title) in North America (on February 8, 2011) and Japan (on April 13, 2011). The original game also received Japanese-exclusive ports to the Sega Saturn (on July 9, 1998) and WonderSwan (on April 6, 2000), and was included as part of the PlayStation 2 compilation Street Fighter Alpha Anthology.


    Unlike many other fighters, Pocket Fighter has a relatively simple control scheme. In Pocket Fighter, only a punch, kick and "special" button is used, which in turn makes the game much easier and accessible to beginners. Another feature that is not included in other fighters, is the use of gems to control what special moves your character can do. These gems are dropped when you hit an opponent or a treasure chest. The more gems you collect of one color, the more powerful the special move is that relates to that color. In relation to other series that Capcom produced, each character keeps his/her own special move. Another unique feature of Pocket fighter, is the addition of power-ups - you can collect food to decrease damage on the health bar, as well as collect "orbs" that have some special function, such as a bomb that can be thrown, or turn the player into ice.


    The game includes all playable characters from Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (with the exceptions of Donovan, Devilot, Mei-Ling, and Anita), as well as three new characters (Zangief, Ibuki, and Tessa) for a total of 12 playable characters (2 of which are hidden).

    Characters come from two main series (Street Fighter and Darkstalkers), with one coming from the game Red Earth.

    Street Fighter


    Red Earth

    • Tessa - Known as Tabasa in the Japanese version.


    Dee Jay's Bar "Maximum"

    Toy Shop "Dhalsim"

    • Blodia from Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness is seen in the background. Blodia is piloted by Jin Saotome.
    • M.Bison and Cammy are looking into the toy shop while Donovan is above on the balcony searching for a lost Anita who, is only around the corner, in front of the toy shop.
    • Balrog is seen looking at a giant Chun-li toy or doll with B.B.Hood and Jon Talbain are to his right.
    • The shop windows has many references to Plasma Sword including in the top right window, Rimgal (the Dinosaur), the face of Bistein in the left bottom window and a hologram of June.
    • The windows also feature Darkstalkers refrences, a small bat in the top left window, a Hsien-Ko toy in a sled being pulled by pandas, the snowmen seen in various Sasquatch moves and poses as well as his Pharoahs Curse form. Rikuo is also seen in his Pharoah's curse form as a frog latched onto the window.

    Ski Resort "La Menkoi"

    • Vega is seen wearing no shirt in the cold.
    • M.Bison is seen sitting on a sled, laughing.
    • The two girls outside of the igloo are from Bishamon's Darkstalkers: Night Warriors stage while Bishamon and Sodom are inside of the igloo. The dog, Taro, outside and the statue are also references to Bishamon's stage.
    • Above the stage, Oro is latched to the the ski lift sleeping, a Sasquatch is holding onto a line nearby while Balrog is trying not to fall off a broken chair.
    • In the background Yun and Yang will appear flying through the air one on skis and one on a snowboard.

    Beach House "Safrill"

    • Elena is eating some ice cream.
    • Blanka is inside the ice shop.
    • Rikuo is inside the snakes mouth while his son Alba cheers him on.
    • Dhalsim washes the elephants back with his long arms while his wife sits ontop of it.
    • Two Sasquatch are reaching for the banana's while Mai-Ling is in their way.
    • The snake in the background is possibly a reference to Blanka's Street Fighter II stage that also shares a photographer like this one. Some say the Snake maybe akin to the one from the first Resident Evil game.

    Gen's Restaurant "Daihanjyo"

    • Guy is hiding on the very left.
    • Jon Talbain is ontop of the giant plate of food while Gen is in front of it.
    • At the first table Birdie, M.Bison and Sodom eat while Fei-long sits above them and Rolento is seen crawling on the ground.
    • The second table has Victor and Bishamon.
    • Under the sign near the dragon is Adon.
    • All alone in the right hand corner sits Charlie.
    • A panda riding ontop of a ball will roll on by. This is the same panda and ball that Hsien-Ko turns into when hit by Anakaris' Pharoahs Curse.

    Tessa's Den

    • Lilith appears sitting above the chest, on the window as long as Morrigan isn't fighting on the stage.
    • Leo is seen polishing his sword while sitting in the chair in front of the fireplace.
    • Felicia, as long as she's not fighting, will appear on the floor napping.
    • The ghost in the bed is from one of Tessa's attacks while a portrait of her appears on the wall.

    Moonlight Dark Castle

    • Jon Talbain is seen howling at the moon.
    • In the carriage sits one of Morrigan's servants.
    • This stage is also a reference to Morrigan's Darkstalkers stage as the fountains are from the game.

    Demitri's Moving Mansion

    • Jedah is laying on the red rug. This form of Jedah is the one he transforms into during Demitri's Midnight Bliss.
    • Demitri teleports and slides across the floor.
    • The portrait above is also seen in Demitri's Darkstalkers stage as well as in one of Anita's attacks in Marvel Super Heroes; only in Pocket Fighter the man is shown cross dressing from the waist down.
    • Ghouls are seen lugging in Demitri's throne. The girls on this stage appear in various versions of Demitri's other stages.
    • The iron maiden on the far right belongs to Donovan.

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