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#1 Edited by jasondesante (616 posts) -

"giantbomb" one word. Lets do this.

Please write your gamecenter if you want others to add you, since your friends' names show up on our leaderboard.

mine is jasondesante

Type "giantbomb" in your flight crew slot, and deliver stuff to the global event to increase the number of jobs on our flight crew's count. Lets see how far up the leaderboard we can get. We can get to #1!!

When the event is finished, everyone in the group gets the prize our group placed in!

Get everyone you know, even non duders (& duderettes), to join the Giantbomb flight crew! Its the only way we can win! If they don't know about Giantbomb, use this as an opportunity to show em how awesome this site is!

How we did over the first 3 events:

Event 1. est. 450 jobs, top 100 (will correct if someone pm's me the number I didn't write it down when I got the message)

Event 2. 8,600 jobs, #10 in the world.

Event 3. #15 in the world

(theres been so many I'm not gonna continue to update this....would make the first post way too long!)

Edit: I havent played this game for a long time. Was more about checking out the game design stuff they did with the game because it is the best use of that style of "game" if you could call it a game. But yea, its pretty good, but not something that I would play forever. I didn't even get all the planes, just played until I understood the rules well enough that it wasn't fun anymore.

Last time I checked "toucharcade" was #1. So I guess if you want the best loot stick with that. It was obvious we wouldn't be #1, and even if we did, it wouldn't be for long because giantbomb fans like real games! haha

If you haven't played it, at least for a little while, its pretty neat.

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#2 Posted by thecashewkid (20 posts) -

We're top 50 now. I might be able to hit 100 jobs on this one before the night is through

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#3 Posted by Krushr (63 posts) -

Joined! I'm just starting off, so I probably can't contribute much though.

Gamecenter name is: Krushination

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#4 Posted by rockslacasa (30 posts) -


unfortunately I am nowhere near Brisbane...

GameCenter: Akira

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#5 Posted by NotPanicked (4 posts) -

I'm in

Gamecenter: NotPanicked

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#6 Posted by WMWA (1223 posts) -

Am I reading that leader board right or are we number 9 in the world?! ^___^

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#7 Posted by Garris (303 posts) -

Sweet lets do this

Game center CanadianBacon

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#8 Posted by Hizang (9358 posts) -

Would somebody explain this game to me, I assumed it was like Game Dev Story but with planes. Turns out its not and I got scared and quit the app.

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#9 Posted by kindgineer (3089 posts) -

Gamecenter: ck1nd

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#10 Posted by Garris (303 posts) -
@Hizang Basically it's an airline management

You pick airports to buy and load your planes with cargo and people and send them on your way flights will either reward cash or bux.

You use cash to buy airports and bux to upgrade and buy new planes. You can buy bux for real money or be patient and earn bux through flights and leveling up.
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#11 Posted by Jeff (5599 posts) -

So has anyone fed proper money into this yet? I checked it out for awhile yesterday and after looking at the ways it limits your progress (airport level cap) and the relatively shitty exchange rate from BUX to COINZ it feels like a bad deal.

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#12 Posted by WMWA (1223 posts) -
@Jeff I put 5 bucks in there this morning, mostly just because I like the dev. The money to "bux" ratio seems right. It's just the bux to coins ratio exchange rate seems a bit fucked right now. They need to bump that up or make buying cities with bux an option. 100 bux for 60k coins and 55k of that goes to buying NYC airport? Eff that
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#13 Posted by gouldgonewild (94 posts) -

In order to contribute to the quest, I just bought Brisbane and Rockhampton, and recomissioned a 1 Cargo plane for 1 bux to fly back and forth. It's 1 to the quest every 5 minutes. For the cause!

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#14 Edited by Cubical (667 posts) -
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#15 Edited by C4Turtle (59 posts) -

Joined! I was on the Polygon Flight Crew. But, I'd rather rep GB.

Gamecenter: CHAUVface

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#16 Posted by Garris (303 posts) -

So has anyone fed proper money into this yet? I checked it out for awhile yesterday and after looking at the ways it limits your progress (airport level cap) and the relatively shitty exchange rate from BUX to COINZ it feels like a bad deal.

No proper money yet I usually like to give these games a week of play time before I put real money, I figure a smartly designed game I should still feel like I'm making progress without spending money in this period.

Though the bux to coins seems a little off
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#17 Edited by hinderk (713 posts) -

Just joined.

gamecenter: ~hinderk~

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#18 Posted by Plompk (24 posts) -


Gamecenter: Plompk

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#19 Posted by Pickingwings (185 posts) -

I've joined the group.

Gamecenter: Pickingwings

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#20 Posted by Fobzilla (17 posts) -

just joined

Gamecenter: Fobzilla

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#21 Posted by Orangefreak92 (80 posts) -

Orangefreak. Hit me up.

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#22 Posted by Trav (243 posts) -

I tried the game out, but its systems are just too similar to Tiny Tower. I grew to hate that game pretty quick. BRB RESTOCKING MY TINY TOWER.

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#23 Posted by seakae (251 posts) -

@Jeff: I also put in 5. And in the past day, I've spent about 50 of that 200. And generated at least 25-35. *shrugs* I feel it's been worth it.

I'm enjoying the game immensely and I played a shit ton of Tiny Tower without paying anything for it. Seemed like it was about time to chip in.

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#24 Posted by MVP1101 (238 posts) -

I was already in but just in case anyone wants to add me


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#25 Posted by digitaligor (2 posts) -

Joined to the giantbomb flight crew!

my GC: digitaligor

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#26 Posted by jesterroyal (393 posts) -

Ready to fly. (I love mindless games like space trader for the palm pilot)

Gamecenter: Dr. Croatoan

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#27 Posted by Shookems (479 posts) -

Does anyone else think tiny tower is a way better game?

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#28 Posted by CollegeGuyMike (402 posts) -

GC: SotoSaki

I've been doing jobs on and off all day.

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#29 Posted by Taizy (38 posts) -

Gamecenter: XTaizyX

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#30 Posted by jesterroyal (393 posts) -

So is it recomended to hoard your money until the next event and then set up shop in that location or what. Anyone got a good strategy going? I bought a few airports and a new plane just to test but I assume the real deal is going to be these blue events.

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#31 Posted by VooDooPC (552 posts) -

@Shookems said:

Does anyone else think tiny tower is a way better game?

I think this is better. There's a lot more you can do with picking plane routes, setting up airports, dealing with weather, things like that. Tiny Tower was restock all these places so I can build another floor to have more places to restock.

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#32 Posted by AndyPhifer (179 posts) -

If you're using bux to get coins, you're an idiot. There's not a single reason to do that. I can make 600-700 coins on an average flight, 1,200 on a good one.

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#33 Posted by Thumbrunner (135 posts) -

I am in! Thumbrunner is my game center ID.

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#34 Edited by SpaceJamLunchbox (135 posts) -

On it!

GameCenter: SpacejamLunchbox

Oh, by the way, I'm an idiot, so I immediately bought $40 worth of bux, then spent 2K of my 5K on a massive pile of 3M coins. I noticed that as you feed bux in to that exchanger, you get a better and better deal. I think by the time I stopped I was getting 1500 coins per buck.

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#35 Posted by WMWA (1223 posts) -
Operation Take down Polygon is a go!
Operation Take down Polygon is a go!
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#36 Posted by mattadord (158 posts) -

Hey feel free to add me I'm Mattador

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#37 Posted by omergd1 (145 posts) -

im in aswell
gamecenter: omergd1

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#38 Posted by WMWA (1223 posts) -

We need moooore. And if you haven't downloaded yet, set your starting region to Australia-ish so you can take advantage of the global event. There's no way I can upgrade to Aus from Americas before it ends

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#39 Posted by WMWA (1223 posts) -
@jesterroyal Yeah, I'd say that sounds like a smart idea. Just run straight flights until then
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#40 Edited by andriv (274 posts) -

will join after work, hope there will be some events near japan soon

this is probably the best game to play while listening to podcasts

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#41 Posted by WMWA (1223 posts) -
@andriv I've actually been doing the same thing, haha
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#42 Posted by Saladan0 (5 posts) -

Gamecenter is Saladan0

Although im taking over Japan at the moment, I dont think ill be able to help with this current event. But if the next one is in the East ill be sure to make us #1

Also if I can give some advice out to new people. SAVE UP FOR A 10MIL city. Seriously, its insane. There is usaully 1-3 bux transports every run. Youll be flowing in bux and cash in no time.

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#43 Edited by VooDooPC (552 posts) -

I kind of wish I could restart now. I was setting myself up for long chains through New York->Dallas->Los Angeles->Honolulu->then Auckland or Japan but the world doesn't wrap around. So if you want to go from the US to Australia you have go through US->Canada->Greenland->Europe->Middle East->China->Pacific Islands->Australia OR US->Mexico/Cuba->South America->Africa->India->China->Pacific Islands->Australia.

This seems like a huge oversight. Now I have about three Airports in Australia with two planes just doing their own thing and I had to sell my Honolulu Airport.

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#44 Posted by jasondesante (616 posts) -

@VooDooPC: same here! lol

at least since the world doesn't wrap around, a flight from toronto to brisbane can give you 9 bux! at least theres that :D

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#45 Posted by nintendoeats (6223 posts) -

Considering how many people are in this group, it's surprising that nobody has bothered to fill out any information about this "causal airline sim"

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#46 Edited by dondo (41 posts) -

I feel incredibly stupid for asking this but how the hell do you use new planes? I have two new planes and I can't figure out how to add them to my flight list. I have two open spaces, two planes.

PS. I bought the planes on the market.

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#47 Posted by jesterroyal (393 posts) -

Just a heads up... We need to get back on a roll here. My leaderboards say that we are 15 jobs away from losing 9th place. So.. I guess its bombcast homework time.

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#48 Posted by andriv (274 posts) -

My game center id is andrividis

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#49 Posted by JoshyLee (186 posts) -


GC - Farfromthebest

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#50 Posted by Trmpy (7 posts) -


Game center: Trmpy

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