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I thought it might be nice, seeing that there are quite a few people just starting out, if there were a place to request, trade, or pass out unused planes and parts. I've been accumulating a pile of them that I have no use for other than to sell or give away. In the interest of furthering the Giant Bomb Flight Crew, I had been randomly gifting them to other Duders. I think that it could be more efficient and helpful for them to go to people who need / want them if they're being helpful to the cause.

Just make sure that you're specific about the part, and keep in mind that it does cost bux to gift these parts, so trading, when it makes sense, is optimal. Don't forget to give your Game Center ID.

Mine is SpaceJamLunchbox. I have an assload of worthless parts.


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#2 Posted by VooDooPC (552 posts) -

I have a Huey Body if anyone wants it. I don't really plan on saving the parts to make it.

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#3 Posted by jasondesante (616 posts) -

@VooDooPC: yoooo I somehow was given 2 parts so thats the only one I need. Can you please please send it to me. Let me know if theres an airplane part you need and I can buy it and sent it to you in thanks :D

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#4 Posted by Kevitivity (82 posts) -

Just joined the #GIANTBOMB Air Crew.

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