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    The first Starcade title, Pockey is an arcade game that crosses air hockey with billiards.

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    Two players compete over a billiard table that features an array of blue and red balls, as well as an air hockey puck. Players are given health, which can be decreased by their balls getting knocked into the pockets, as well as the puck going into the goal on their side of the table. Players must not have the cue ball impact one of their own balls first, or else it is a foul. The objective of the game is to destroy your opponent's health.


    With the formation of the company Starcade in 2017 and the concurrent development of its eponymous platform for hosting .io games, production began on Pockey. Designed by Starcade owner and lead, Sage Durain, aka "KidCømet", Pockey would be the inaugural first-party title for the company and platform, well before any others. The first version of the game was released in late December 2017, with a host of coding errors not holding up to the expectations of the game's premise.

    Immediately after, KidCømet and a new programmer set to work on recreating an improved version of the game, in the form of Pockey 2.0. Throughout the testing phase, the game was well-received and was set to be one of several first-party Starcade launch titles. Unfortunately, with the closure of Starcade, the game would never come to fruition.

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