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There are six cars to choose from:

  • Viper
    • Cougar 
  • Scarab
  • Wasp
  • Bulldog (unlocked from creating an online account)
  • Crab (unlocked from creating an online account)

All of these cars/PODs have slightly different handling/statistical differences, but they do not pose much of a difference in racing feel while playing the game.  Although this is not meant to be anywhere close to a "racing simulator" I found that the cars handled very well, much better than any "arcade" type of racing.

There are also six different tracks to choose from:

  • K Zone

          This race is placed in an ancient city type of environment, lots of old structures and buildings

  • Volcano

          A race that takes place around/in a big volcano, its just a big volcano.

  • Canyon

          This is a race that takes place in a big canyon, lots of sand and tall canyon walls.

  • Mines Web

          This race weaves in and out of lots of tunnels/mines.

  • Bridge Ride

          Bridge Ride is a race that takes place around a futuristic factory.

  • OddRock

          (unlocked by creating an online account)  I believe that it is a figure-8 track that takes place on a giant rock.
While racing, you will find coloured spheres, these pick ups/power ups can help you in completing the race, by either helping you, or negating one of the other cars. There are 5 different kind of coloured orbs to pick up, each with its own special ability.

  • Yellow

          Gives you full boost for a short period of time.

  • Orange

          Gives you a land mine that you can place on the ground behind you.

  • Blue

         This gives your boost gauge a slight fill up.

  • Red

         This gives your shield a slight repair.

  • Purple

         Gives you a electric shock that will slow anyone that is in front of you down for a split second.

Every vehicle is equipped with a shield wich degrades as you crash into walls or are hit by enemy weapons. If your shield is fully depleted during a race, your car will overheat and stop working, making you fail the current race.


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