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The map for Dark Souls exists and it all essentially connects (except for the areas that you teleport/fly to). You can see it here in this video.

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Posted By AMyggen

Great podcast!

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@enns: I agree, he's pretty upfront about what is fact and what is his own conjecture.

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MGS GZ is not a $40 game. It's a $20 game that costs an additional $10 if you want it physical, with an additional $10 if you want a current-gen version and don't live in Japan. That's where I have a problem.

(of course I'm going to get it, they put so much work into the Playstation exclusive mission it would be a waste to not listen and look at everything)

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This will keep me entertained while I wait for the snow to stop in Tokyo

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Japanese games just do not look good visually. I would much rather prefer a stylistic approach in a Japanese game as opposed to the baby-faced protagonists and character models that Japanese RPGs tend to have so much of. It's actually starting to annoy me.

I think the most interesting thing about 2014 will be seeing how Nintendo changes strategy, if at all.

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Posted By Rahxephon91

Can't say I agree about ToX looking good graphically. It's a rather ugly looking game. Technically it's graphics are nothing great complete with dull and bland levels and meh character models. The levels are pretty bad actually. Almost like they just threw some textures around and called it a day. The real killer is the game lacks an interesting graphical stytle to hide how bland the game looks. Ni No Kuni's cel-shading makes the game a pleasure to hold, plus the graphical effects, animation, and presentation blow Xillia out of the water.

The sad part is Vesperia looks really good and because it goes with the old way of doing cutscenes they don't have the problems that Xillia does. Xillia has really long and drawn out cutscenes that are a bore. They aren't even cinematic. Vesperia is a far more visually pleasing game thanks to it's great cel shading.

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Wow that flappy bird song at the end. You guys are killing it as usual.

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Jean Snow, yay! Awesome podcast as always. Loved the Dark Souls talk.

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For Dark Souls lore I always preferred EpicNameBro's videos since he lays out all the facts then gives you his understanding of it.

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I've never subscribed/listened to this podcast, but as someone who just bought a 3DS and 10 games I think I'll give it a shot!

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Always ready for another podcast.