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Posted By doejonathan

Dog's stoked, I'm stoked, let's do this. 8-4 me!

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Posted By MindChamber

that image of the dog in that cockpit really did it for me, you guys wont let that nonsense drop and I love ya for it haha, man that gave me a big laugh

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Posted By sub_o

I really hope that Ray Barnholt will get more recognition in the future, that guy is funny and awesome

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Posted By Svenzon

@sub_o said:

I really hope that Ray Barnholt will get more recognition in the future, that guy is funny and awesome

You mean "Max Lovins, Erotic P.I.", right?

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Posted By plugger603

Sony fandogs attack!!!

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I found that thumbnail as well when trying to find the mocap dog pic to show my brother what dat xbox is all about.

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Posted By Vuud

Dogs of Dogty: Dog Dops

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Posted By hollitz

I was hoping for more vitriol. Expecting it even.

Expectations NOT MET!


Come on, Marc!

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Would have been a perfect podcast episode to bring up the paid shills in Japan referred to as sakura.

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Posted By The_Nubster

Fell off for a while, but I'm back on board!

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No one in podcasting is allowed to have strong opinions apparently, because only 1 of 10 or so podcasts have even come down one way or another. Hell, even when their twitter feed during the reveal was universally negative. (I think the Jimquisition on Escapist is the only video/audio thing anyone's been willing to put a voice to.

They're probably horribly gunshy of being wrong, remember how no one wanted to call the Wii U out on mistakes because 'the DS did well so I dunno.' In the end it's probably good for us. It's important to remember that most podcast personalities working relationships with publishers/developers are way closer then their relationship with consumers. In some cases they're even removed from the consumer pool

At least here Marc was fairly straightforwards on his twitter, you don't even get that from many.

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Posted By hollitz

@shingro: ahh I was just being hyperbolic :p

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@shingro: the thing is the WiiU is out and has been a proven real disaster and not one person on the show has given Nintendo or even Playstation with its numerous miscues as much garbage as they gave Microsoft today. The cocky nastiness to Microsoft was very off putting to me, and the console isn't even out yet. They goofed on where the conference took place on the campus. But have you ever heard them say anything about how ridiculous Nintendo directs look with Iwata doing them from what looks like a room in an insane asylum.

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Posted By Arrested_Developer

I can only imagine how much John whines about the Xbox in this one.

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Posted By Tom_Shaw

Can anyone explain what Mark was going on about with Backwards Compatibility?

OG Xbox to 360 was x86 to PowerPC, only a handful of games had any BC, and it had to be done on a title by title basis and worked poorly.

360 to One is PowerPC to x86... and yet Mark not just thinks it should have been in, but sees no reason why it isn't? It's the exact same situation!

I realize they are translators, not programmers, but seriously.

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I love this podcast, but some fact-checking doesn't hurt.

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I admit i just want a podcast to shit on microsoft, all this professionalism is getting in the way

still, thanks guys, always have the best conference rundowns.

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Skyrim was bad on PS3 because of the Creation engine, it wasn't optimized for the Cell Architecture, much like the EGO engine on Codemaster's games, this has nothing to do with the console's power or the game's system requirement.

The Xbox One is going to be much weaker and without the Cell Architecture to get in the way the end result will be exactly what Jonathan Blow said.

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Posted By plugger603

At one point I thought angry John was gonna start curb stomping poor Cheapy

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Anyone know where I can find the Ray Barnholt/Mark MacDonald Zelda playthrough?

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Posted By clumsyninja1

CheapyD is awesome!!!

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Posted By excast

Is there some kind of beef between CheapyD and Giantbomb that I am unaware of?

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@excast said:

Is there some kind of beef between CheapyD and Giantbomb that I am unaware of?

Not as far as I know. Cheapy can be a little overly sensitive at times, but I don't think there's any sort of major feud present.

Edit: Now that I've been on Twitter, I'm just going to assume you brought this up because Cheapy's being pretty whiny and dramatic over the show description.

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Posted By ChrisTaran

I love it when Cheapy guest on 8-4! HYPE TRAIN!

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Posted By Duffyside

Hate to be negative, but I was really looking forward to this podcast and it really let me down. It was more of a summary than commentary, and what purpose does that serve? A two hour summary for a one hour event that everyone listening probably watched?

And Mark not wanting to dwell on specs in the slightest was incredibly bizarre, as was his stance that the PS4 Meeting was apparently just as bad as the One Reveal. A two hour conference that was somehow denser with information and had more games while being three months earlier was disappointing?

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Posted By Shingro

@hollitz: Fair enough, I'll also say that of the gaming podcasts 8-4 has been the people with the most complete opinions and analysis of the conference. They didn't leave much out, and they talked about what people know. I'm guessing Marc was trying to play host between guest and home team since they fell on different sides of things.

I find the idea that all these informed people who have been looking at the gaming industry for 10+ years can't find an opinion about how a console is shaping up after a television broadcast presentation is bizarre to me. You don't even have to pass judgement, just poke at what they did right and what they did wrong. What spoke to them as gamers/industry people and what didn't and why. Really that's what most of this show was and it was way more satisfying then most. >_>

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Posted By RavioliSumo

I'm Ray I'm Ray I'm Ray I'm Ray I'm Ray You-Yo-You're a good friend.

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Posted By Slayeric

I was listening to old episodes and remembered you guys wanted more comments here. So here's a contribution.

I LOVE 8-4! YEAHHH!! :D Okay Ima download this but wait to listen until Monday at work. Podcasts keep me company at a pretty boring job.

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Posted By oldusername

Is anyone going to just acknowledge the fact that maybe this is what Microsoft was trying to do the whole time. Maybe, just maybe the last 10 years have been about, positioning a box in the living room and not giving you the best games possible. This press conference was very telling. They want to be your media hub, and for the millions upon millions of people that will buy Madden, FIFA, and Call of Duty and then pay for subscriptions to Xbox Live the media stuff probably is the only other thing they care about since they don't buy any other games. I love games and have never been a playstation fan. In fact I went from being a nintendo/pc person to an xbox/wii/pc gamer. But the fact is Microsoft doesn't owe me anything and the fact that I don't buy Madden, FIFA, or Call of Duty cuts me out of their target market. Would they like me sure, and they may get me. I still sort of like Halo. I love Remedy games. And quite frankly my cable box interface sucks. I don't know. Sure this was a games fail if you were hoping to see some revelatory experience but this is exactly what I expected. The used games thing... Cheapy is spot on. They want to do it but they won't if Sony doesn't. It's only a matter of time now just probably isn't it.

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Posted By duke_of_the_bump

Never listened to this podcast before, but I'm going to listen to this one for Ray Barnholt. Wish me luck!

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Edited By CheapyD

@mrfluke: I don't recall having a feud with anyone at GB...until today. SHOTS FIRED! PEACE AND GOD BLESS.

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Posted By ArtisanBreads

Cheapy D is the best for coming on this and being reasonable. Props.

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Edited By nok

I must be blind. Everything about both of these console announcements prior to E3 was just fine to me. I very much expected to be pandered to or just not have any part of these "Press Announcements". These are both very large companies that move like sloths and that is par for the course. The instant reaction and butt hurt talk coming out of all parties involved is very off putting as a gamer. I can grasp a number of these comments coming from individuals with little dispensable income, and/or those that rely on parents, but people that must be in their thirties making grandiose comments about a marketing campaign really hurt to listen to.

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Edited By dropabombonit

Cover image is perfect

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Posted By Ruggles

Wow, that was incredibly grating. Yeah, the Xbox event was shitty, but harping on it for the whole podcast was unbearable.

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Posted By golguin

Everyone I know is upset about the Xbox One press event and all the stuff that has popped up since and they are the kind of people that don't go to video game websites. Microsoft is literally out of their minds if they don't fix this.

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Edited By excast

I disagree with around the 55 minute mark when you say that Microsoft and Sony can't have different policies on used games. Why not?

Look at the differences on multiplayer with the current consoles.. One has a free option and one does not. Is that not a huge difference?

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Posted By tescovee

Bwoot @cheapyd ... only reason to listen!

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Posted By wsninja

I heart Baron Von Microsoft

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Edited By mrfluke

@cheapyd: lol, my mistake then, ill be deleting my previous comment then

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Posted By Mezmero

I've been enjoying this podcast for the past few months. I keep forgetting that Japan produces some really cool games. Hell yeah JJ is going to play JoJo! I didn't fall into playing Injustice as much as I'd like so I'm anxious to play another killer fighting game by the end of the year other than Divekick. I doubt the new consoles will be clamoring to release next gen fighting games, whatever that means. Thanks for the podcast.

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Posted By huntergathers

The MS conference was a response to Apple's TV announcement later in June.

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No More Whoppers cross brand synergy!

Anyone know whats up with the 8 bit One solo at the end?

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@hollitz said:

I was hoping for more vitriol. Expecting it even.

Expectations NOT MET!


Come on, Marc!

I'm okay with it. There's already SO MUCH fuming and spitting on the internet over a LOT of unknowns and blanks basically being filled with the WORST case scenario that it's nice to hear podcasts like this (and ESPECIALLY Giant Bomb) actually tackling what's fully known rather than more wild speculation.

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