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Wut this be?

Edit: I want all the reviews in this format.

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Cool, I really like these small segments.

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I greatly approve, sir.

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Posted By ShuaReborn

Damn man that was cool. Now to listen to more Gaming Minutes.

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@legend said:

New GB feature?

I think someone mentioned Jeff doing spots/work for some radio station,maybe they'll start posting them here. I could remember that wrong though.

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These are great.

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Think he does these for CBS radio thing and they are posting them here also.

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I like the cut of this Jeff Gerstmann's jib.

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Posted By Avanzato

I like the snappy, concise nature of these Gaming minutes. Why has this not been turned into a video feature?

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Posted By Hilfemaster

Should mmos talk?

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Posted By StoffInator

I wish this would play in Firefox. :-\

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Posted By MrGtD

Hi Jeff, I came and found you over at Giant Bomb Dot Com. How are you? I am well.

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Posted By chilibean_3

Should SyFy make movies?

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Posted By ApolloBob

I'm Sandy Kenyon, and this is the Hollywood Minute.

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Posted By Cirdain

He should've said that the xbox and ps3 version are horrible otherwise people may consider picking it up.

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@smitty86 said:

I like the cut of this Jeff Gerstmann's jib.

Ah, he won't make it anywhere talking about video games. Plus, his website is called Giant Bomb... What kind of a name is that?

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Dude's got a great radio voice


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Posted By biggest_loser

That dialogue...is just terrible lol! Although I do love this snappy 1 minute preview. Thanks Jeff!

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Posted By Wilshere

Giant Bomb dot com? Whats that?

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Posted By Szlifier

@jeff Why is there that sound from Sony commercials at the end?

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Oh thank god, I was almost ready to punch a hole in my wall out of sheer frustration caused by me not knowing what was going on in the world of video games.

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Posted By Jeff

@hanskisaragi: I'm not sure you know what "tie-in" means. But the part where it's set in the same universe? Tie-in. The part where there are missions in the game that include characters that will appear in the TV show? Yup! Tie-in.

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For fuck sake.. do some research.-. ITS NOT A tie-in.

It is though.

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For fuck sake.. do some research.-. ITS NOT A tie-in.

...It totally is. 100%

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@hanskisaragi said:

For fuck sake.. do some research.-. ITS NOT A tie-in.

Except for that part where it's totally a tie-in.

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For fuck sake.. do some research.-. ITS NOT A tie-in.

How is it not?

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Posted By Sylect

gaming news BITCH

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Posted By Drekly

@amyggen said:

@hanskisaragi said:

For fuck sake.. do some research.-. ITS NOT A tie-in.

It is though.

It is though.

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@hanskisaragi said:

Fuck you jeff.. The writing is fucking epic.. the story is brilliant..

Epic and brilliant? Damn.

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Posted By leedoo

Syndicate this on AM radio stations, please!

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@drekly said:

@amyggen said:

@hanskisaragi said:

For fuck sake.. do some research.-. ITS NOT A tie-in.

It is though.

It is though.

Is it though?

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Posted By deactivated-5914f5c50a1c5

I love this. So concise and professional.... In contrast to everything else on this site, lol.

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Should Shooters Talk?

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Jeff Gerstmann has the voice and face for radio.

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EXCLUSIVE *explosion*

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For the people asking, these are recorded specifically for radio-stations that are owned by CBS, this isn't intended for Giant Bomb's audience. Users requested that Jeff upload them, so here we are.

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Posted By golguin

Hey Jeff, have you ever considered a career in Radio?

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