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Very good stuff. Seasons matter, ya'll!

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Posted By SkinnerSweet

I was really hoping to be sold on Forza but it just seems like an incremental update like a sports game at this point. Still thanks for the 4 hours of podcast.

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Posted By liquiddragon

A little timestamp would really be helpful.

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Posted By UnsolvedParadox

It's Tuesday Wednesday!

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The audio on this is completely un-listenable. No normalization and the audio was way to low (until someone is loud, topping out my speakers)

AITOO? Audio on youtube seems fine.

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Posted By Foggen

Why no Nite 2 on feed?

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Posted By linea

Or indeed Nite 3 :(

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Yeah I am just wondering if there was a problem or delay why we havent got nite 2 or nite 3 yet in podcast form.

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Any plans to fix the audio on this one?