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Edited By Morningstar

Always a pleasure.

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Edited By AMyggen

Love Paul Barnett and I'm drowning in #content here.

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Posted By HT101

This is always one of the best parts of Game of the Year.

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Posted By Anund

Listening to this while playing my 13 500th game of World of Tanks, hehe

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Posted By mtfikhan

Yeah. I love Paul.

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Posted By AMyggen

@anund: Jesus, that's dedication :p

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Posted By Antopap

I am from CYPRUS!

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Posted By Hassun

I was wondering why this was listed in the upcoming tab...

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Posted By bcjohnnie


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Posted By Hilts

Paul - best talker in the biz. Good luck in Cyprus.

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Posted By Anund

@amyggen said:

@anund: Jesus, that's dedication :p

It's an awesome game. Can't wait to see Jeff try it and shit all over it because the tanks don't jump on walls ;)

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Posted By KaneRobot

Awesome, missed this guy's list over the last (2?) year(s?).

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I could listen to Paul's stories and thoughts about video games for hours on end.

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Posted By Billy_Ray_Valentine

Wow! A Paul Barnett appearance! What a treat!


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Posted By UnsolvedParadox

What a rebel, going vocal instead of text. Shout out to Star Fox!

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Posted By gkhan

The stuff about Enter the Gungeon was really interesting. Says a lot about Jeff's position in the industry.

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Posted By thisisdell

Warhammer Online was the shit!

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Posted By Giantstalker
@anund said:

Listening to this while playing my 13 500th game of World of Tanks, hehe

Good to see another WoT player, game needs more coverage on here!! Just reached 7k battles myself

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Posted By soulcake

I wish Paul Barnett would join the bomb crew. To bad he's stuck with those White Russian crooks well at least it pays well.

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Posted By fargofallout

Goddammit, it's been too long. Now I have something to look forward to tomorrow.

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Edited By ptc

Love World of Tanks. I'm 47. Love that Paul plays heavy tank brawlers. I'm a TD man, except when I derp around in the KV-2.

Paul, please do a World of Tanks podcast.

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Posted By Asmo917

I would happily pay double my annual subscription if it meant we got 30 extra minutes of Paul talking to Jeff each year.

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Posted By mtfikhan


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Posted By Nigthguy

As someone who has Enter the Gungeon at #3 on my GoTY list after 90+ hours spent in it, I really enjoyed hearing Paul's story about it.

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Posted By drdust

Heyyyyy !!! its Paul !!!!

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Posted By Y2Ken

I'm so glad we get another Paulcast for this year. Always a highlight.

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Posted By Quantical

One of my best childhood friends was from Cyprus. His English was better than a lot of the kids in my school. No idea what he's doing now but he was a really smart kid.

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Edited By Nagafen

My parents used to own an apartment in Larnaca, I used to go each Summer and then on my own for a few Summers. I wanted to move out and live there, sadly they split up and the apartment got sold in the divorce settlements.

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Posted By ripelivejam

@anund: oh man, don't taunt me with such awesome ideas.

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this is fantastic! very interesting and fun.

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Posted By ptc

@anund said:

Listening to this while playing my 13 500th game of World of Tanks, hehe

Good to see another WoT player, game needs more coverage on here!! Just reached 7k battles myself

> 8,600 battles. This game consumes me. Agree - would love to see more World of Tanks coverage here.

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Posted By ChrisTaran

Yay, more Paul Barnett!

Always glad to see him on GB.

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Posted By ProfessorEss

@antopap said:

I am from CYPRUS!

I went to Cyprus like 15 years ago. Beautiful spot you got there.

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Edited By Hassun

This is my favourite of the GotY content so far. The Star Fox story is downright insane.

About The Last Guardian: Sony's willingness to spend all that money and time on certain creators reminds me of Gran Turismo most of all. So much perfectionism using all that money and time and squandering the racing game advantage the platform had to the Forza series which manages steady releases.

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Edited By kazen

paul sold me WAR! best mmo ever

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Posted By zaldar

I really don't recognize 99% of the people in these guest games lists...

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Posted By Chillicothe

That talk on Nintendo and mobile, especially the "called in front of the CEO" and about the pricing was aces. Paul's one of those people who still remembers things from back before we were born yet understands things that will happen the rest of us won't see coming.

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Posted By Marco724

Paul Barnett has always been a great listen over the years. Seems like the wisest but coolest guy. The Enter the Gungeon story and the Star fox stories were too good.

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Edited By Fram

This website truly becomes an embarrassment of riches at the end of every year. So many awesome things!!

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Posted By Dave_Tacitus

There needs to be more soft Lancashire burrs on Giant Bomb.

Great chat!

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Edited By langdonx

This is the best shit so far. Great stories.

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Posted By bushlemon

I love the inside baseball stuff

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Posted By fisk0

Oh damn, just got around to listening to this. The Argonaut Software stuff was absolutely amazing, and Paul Barnett is just a fantastic story teller throughout the entire episode.

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Posted By Raphaelo

Very insightful talk. Thanks for the podcast!

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Edited By mrbubbles

I just started playing World of Tanks because of this podcast. It seems fun so far.

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Posted By dprotp
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Edited By PixelPiledriver

I was one of the devs on Dig-N-Rig.

It's an honor to hear someone say they played and enjoyed it 6 years later. :)

Flashbacks me to many fond memories of working on it.

Thanks for playing!

Awesome Star Fox story. :D

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Posted By KgKris

When Jeff tells you to listen to something that means it's well worth the listen!

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Edited By HalidYusein

This is an awesome interivew that encapsulates the industry in so many great ways. Would love to hear more from Paul in the future. Fantastic little piece of content!

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Posted By rahulricky

I can't seem to subscribe to this feed on Overcast, any tips welcome.

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