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Me too (2).

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Unlisted podcast woo! !

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Hell yeah!!!!

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thank god

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Yeeeeeaaaaah (Bombcast)

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Fuck yeah new Bombcast.

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They should probably stop talking about Halo 4 at this point.

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Not even 2 minutes in before Jeff is threatening to slit someone's throat and throw them in a dumpster. Gonna be a good one.

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@FCDRandy said:

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aaw yeah bombcats

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Aww, I was hoping they'd talk about the Cave, I'm right on the fence about buying it.

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Yay Bombcast!

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I died when Ryan read his yelp review.

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HELL yeah

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Those cops are out looking for that Hunkadunk. RAP MAN, WATCH YOURSELF

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Watching this as the new theme music plays is intense.

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yeeess. Also this bombcast is starting off strong

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This yelp section is hilarious, especially Ryan reading his yelp review.

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The irony

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Gimmie dat.

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fuckin' A !

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Now to decide if I care about having Halo 4 spoiled.

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Eddie Murphy up in dis bitch!

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OK, Pipl.com is incredibly creepy.

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Ryans Review


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Holy crap Brad, nice early yet still major spoilers for Ni No Kuni like 3 minutes into it's discussion.

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Love it!

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@NeoCalypso said:

Holy crap Brad, nice early yet still major spoilers for Ni No Kuni like 3 minutes into it's discussion.

From the official website
From the official website
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yo bro. nothing but love, but guelph ontario is pronounced GWELF.

the more you know!

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@Octaslash: Also, that's apparently on the back of the box.

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Bombcast? that means its time for me to fire up euro truck simulator and make some deliveries.

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Pretty much all jrpgs are like this now when I pay attention guys. CG movies, in-engine well modeled and animated characters, stand and talk in place. If it's a cheaper or smaller jrpg with like portraits only, that's a different beast entirely though.

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I was looking at restaurant reviews near where my parents live.  I knew about half the restaurants were  okay or good, but I kept seeing 2 and 3 star YELP reviews for some of the better ones.  Then I noticed that fast food restaurants in the area were getting four star reviews, and let me tell you these fast food restaurants were not even 'best in class' for those franchises.   
Its my opinion that our Yelp is overly weighted with reviews by white-trash.