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about time.

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I am glad.

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Hip hip...

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Hip hip...

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Oh yeah!

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Yay! Meaningless post because I haven't actually listened to it yet!

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My night at work is saved!

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Under three hours?! ~Throws computer in trash~

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Finally, it's Tuesday.

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@wjb: I know! We need to those extra 5 minutes! /s

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Oh yes !

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Time for some casting of the pod.

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The image makes me excited for this one.

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bombcast + civ5 = hundreds of hours gone

and there's a damn expansion coming out soon... must resist

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I went to Reno with a lady and it was awesome

Ryan Davis

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Sometimes we look upon the stars and see the face of the universe, and the universe looks back and says "make me some macaroni & cheese" and then you do it but use too much pepper and you get sent to hell and back only to learn that maybe you shouldn't use so much pepper next time.

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@mao16: i did that too, but now it is dota 2 and bombcast for me

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Ah. From the looks of that image, finally the bombcast weighs in on DXM. Presumably they'll rely on the same award winning journalists that broke last year's Hunkadunk story.

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Best part of the day!

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If anything is worth interrupting Star Trek: The Next Generation, this is it.

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Fear and loathing in Reno?

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Congrats on getting married Ryan! Also, bombcast!

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I just realized this is the first podcast with Patrick gone :(

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@mao16 said:

bombcast + civ5 = hundreds of hours gone

Fucking right.

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Today is the first day of the rest of my life!

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I live in Vegas. I live on the surface of the sun.

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Ryan and Jeff are never going to play the last of us.

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Can't believe the guys have (apparently) never heard of personal assistants.

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Gotta be honest here, its probably cause ive been following GB before patrick joined, but the podcast is still rock solid without him.

thats not saying i wont miss him either. but just saying, its not as empty feeling as i thought it would be.

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Try mixing a little jelly with boric acid to make your own ant traps. This tip brought to you by my mom.

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and i dunno, i just dont see the whole grimness that people are getting with last of us.

excellent game, excellent story, but it not as affecting as im hearing how it got to people.

i thought walking dead was more depressing and more fatal than last of us, that game haunted me more.

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If those pedestrian walkways in Reno are really for avoiding snow, it can't be that cold there. It kinda sounds like something people who never see snow would think is a good idea. Speaking as a person from the True North, snow is actually not that bad but shovelling snow is actually the worst thing ever.

Also, most big cities in Canada have subterranean passage ways so you can avoid snow and not get frostbite.

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Bombcast bitches!

Miss ya, Patrick :(

Congratulations on ur wedding vows Mr and Mrs Davis :)

Awesome! I have just enough time to listen to the bombcast before Man of Steel. Whoo!

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Gonna listen to this bad boy while I play some SRW.

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I really want to know what ads they were talking about with the hardcore porno now.

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Sometimes we look upon the stars and see the face of the universe, and the universe looks back and says "make me some macaroni & cheese" and then you do it but use too much pepper and you get sent to hell and back only to learn that maybe you shouldn't use so much pepper next time.

You can't ever use too much pepper in mac and cheese. In fact, go dice up some actual peppers and throw them shits in there along with the fresh ground black or cayenne powder or whatever else you were using already.

Can't get enough pepper.

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Cable companies subsidizing the Xbox One hasn't made any sense as a thing that could happen since we found out it wasn't a cable box at the reveal, yet I still keep hearing about it.

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It's that time of the day again..to listen to the BOMBCAST, YEAH! :D

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Hay! Reno is awesome. :P