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T2 > T1 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>T3/Salvation

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This has seriously been one of the best podcasts in the past year, and it's not just the length. Brad is at the top of his game, Jeff at the top of his, it's just really great all around. Keep it up!

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@professor_t said:

Terminator 2 is universally considered to be a superior film than Terminator 1. It is also more enjoyable and one of the greatest films ever made. The End.

universally considered? don't think so.....

terminator metacritic 84/100

terminator 2 metacritic 64/100

terminator 2 (like aliens) is great popcorn blockbuster action stuff, but terminator (and alien) are the better quality films.

So much this.

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@jeff The AX (arcade) tracks were always in F-Zero GX and playable as unlockables, but you had to beat everything else on Master difficulty to get them. Was and still is the hardest feat I've managed to pull off in any game. Super fucking challenging. You could also play them if you copied some data from the AX machines onto a Gamecube memory card I believe, but I've never seen an AX machine so I had to do it the hard way. I'm sure I'm not alone there.

I think what you saw was that some folks recently hacked the game and found that the full arcade game and front end, beyond just the tracks, essentially exist on the F-Zero GX disc, too. Pretty insane.

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@fox318: Sunshine is pretty good, but being the sequel to one of the best games ever made? Six years afterward? Yeah, the expectations were just way too high.

I think playing that game was when I realized that Nintendo had really lost its mojo... The game was not bad but I enjoyed Jak & Daxter on the PS2 more. Nintendo wasn't infallible the way they had been before in my eyes.


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Top to bottom, AMAZING bombcast. God damn. LONG LIVE THE NEW ERA.

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NaVi has entered every Ti in the winners bracket. Also last year they didn't go to the losers bracket until after they lost in the WB finals.

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Hooray, the "whatchu been playing" jingle is back! In fact, all the jingles were back! It was like the old structured Bombcast when Ryan used to host.

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Best Bombcast in a long time. Loving Brad in the host seat as he seems to be awake for it which is wonderful, plus it frees Jeff so he can make all the fantastic asshole comments he wants, which I crave. Dan's fitting right the hell in as well. I'm more than optimistic for the future of Giant Bomb, I'm downright giddy.

Gonna go cook up some egg whites now.

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For the umpteenth time: I am so glad that Dan came over to Giant Bomb.

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After the passionate discussion over which Terminator movie is best I feel really compelled to watch them (Yes I, a 25 year old male, have never watch any of the Terminator movies)

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So, about that DOTA2 talk...how long does it go on for? Not to knock on the game itself, but I do not want to hear about it for however long they go on.

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@dank_: This guy is exactly right. Keep Brad hosting. He's awesome when he's alert and ready. Jeff is amazing for side-snark. Jeff is best waifu.

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Man, I was way with Dan until he dissed Epcot. That was my favorite Disney park when I went (with Disney/MGM a close second). Fuck Animal Kingdom

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@danzeronine: are you actually trying to use metacritic scores as a valid argument

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@jeff's comment on "gank" made me immediately think of this:

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great episode overall. Dan's Terminator comments were outlandishly great.

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I just heard the last e-mail.

Never let Brad near the e-mail account again.

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You know. I was giving Dan a chance. I really was. I really honestly wanted to give him a chance. And then he told the egg whites story. I can't give him a chance now. I just can't.

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Not such a fan as Brad being full time host but Jeff turned it around with his masterful negotiating, finally this podcast is back on track after ages without the lastest news on Nintendo E-Shop delivered with much enthusiasm. Although Jeff should of tried to get Dota 2 talk banned, that would of brought forth a golden age for Giant Bomb.

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@ildon said:

You know. I was giving Dan a chance. I really was. I really honestly wanted to give him a chance. And then he told the egg whites story. I can't give him a chance now. I just can't.

Think of the dumbest thing you've ever done. Like, the most cringe-inducing, what-was-I-thinking, maybe-I-should-leave-town event in the history of you. Now tell everyone here in the comments what it was...

Difficult to do, right?


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@buzz_clik: He didn't do this at the age of 10, or 14, or even 18. He did this when he was a grown-ass adult with a job living by himself. At an age where someone should have figured out like, logical thinking processes and decision making, or a way to discover new information when they don't know about something.

No. I can't take anything he ever says seriously ever again, forever.

Also I am being facetious.

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Jeff was right on with Trivial Pursuit. I don't know how he does it. Also, since when does Norm Macdonald have a podcast?

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@ildon: Ha! Facetious or not, my enthusiasm for Dan's offhanded recounting of his WTF dumb shit is 100% legit. I wish I could be so cavalier about the embarrassing shit I've done. Then maybe I could sleep at night. Just for a half hour, maybe. I'm so tired. So tired.

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Jeff was in the zone this week. Very emotionally invested and funny during the chats. I assume not having to host the podcast let him sit back and enjoy more. Brad did a fine job hosting as well! If this is how things go with Brad hosting, I fully endorse this becoming permanent.

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Oh God, that was grosser than I thought it was going to be... Holy poo poo.

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Is Drew subtly going with an Option C in the "almonds or peanuts" question, or are my ears deceiving me?

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Oh that sneaky cum joke by Jeff at the very end. Well played sir, think they other guys missed it.

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Is Drew subtly going with an Option C in the "almonds or peanuts" question, or are my ears deceiving me?

I heard the same thing.

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Dan really is Giant Bomb's Balki.

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Dan seems like a cool duder and all, but some of the things he says are words a mad man would utter.

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@lucri said:


The ride, while it's happening, is great. Don't close your eyes, look at the screen, etc.

It's once you get out that it's a doozy.

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Saw Snowpiercer at a movie festival a while back. While it's not a good movie, it's definitely weird enough to see. Eclectic.

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Jeff doesn't like Mario Sunshine because the camera sucks? Then damn, Mario 64 must be the worst game ever. Like, the camera is drastically better in Sunshine than 64. Sunshine had now "normal" right stick control where as 64 had very limited "tilts" on the C buttons. This was a problem in stages that weren't like Lethal Lava Land or Bob-omb Battlefield. Mario Galaxy had something similar to 64, but was not as severe and rough as 64 due to the level design being more spherical and modular, and the higher fidelity visuals.

Also Terminator 3 is asssssssssssss

P.S. the now long-defunct RetroforceGO! Podcast (the archives are totally up there online somewhere, it's actually a great show, the even asked my questions once or twice I think) was on the hilarious and eccentric Nintendo downloadable train if you want more of that.

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Jesus Christ Dan.

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the magic is back - thank you brad.

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WOW... This was one of the best Bombcasts in recent memory. Everyone had so much energy. Drew was awesome, Dan is getting more comfortable each week, Jeff was the Jeff of old, and Brad brought back that classic Bombcast structure we've wanted for so long.

I've never said a bad word about the show and I never will. I find positivity and compliments are more beneficial for everyone.

Keep up the incredible work...

Oh, and just like I've said on Twitter, Dan is the absolute best possible person in the world to bring into the mix.

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Jeff, play F-Zero GX again and this time don't be a scrub.

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I told you, eventually Brad would get his day. God speed sir.

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Excellent episode.

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@buzz_clik said:
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Fuck I would have used that had I saw it before I made this.

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@matoyak said:

@drakesfortune said:

Coolio, I like Brad as host. The time is right, and I think he's been doing a good job the past couple weeks. I think Jeff is a fine host, but I think he's funnier when he isn't the glue and the host of everything. Know what I mean? I think it's a good move.

I kinda agree. Jeff has to button up a bit when he's having to worry about makin' somethin', which isn't necessarily a bad thing...but it's nice to see a bit of the side of him that he can let go when he doesn't have to focus on stuff. I'd like to see a mix - Jeff as host sometimes, Brad as host sometimes.

I find the same thing about Conan O'Brien, like he's fine as a host but I think some of his best/funniest stuff is when he's a guest on somebody else's show, which doesn't happen often.

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Okay. I just got to the part where the guys try to figure out lingerie.

That was the cutest thing I have heard in a long time. "What's a teddy?" "Are corsets lingerie?" "Are bustiers like what Madonna wears?"

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On point this week. Awesome stuff guys

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One of the funniest podcasts in forever. Dan is such a great addition to the team.

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@buzz_clik Dan is like the Homer Simpson of video games! Mixed with a side of trolling Jeff!