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However fun it may be to play (I haven't tried it), Charlie Murder was the most painfully boring game to watch EVER featured on Unprofessional Fridays, and that's saying a lot because they play some bad/boring shit sometimes.

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Posted By Kingpk

"What does [Warrior] smell like?"

Vinny Caravella: asking questions we all want to know.

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I get the bombcast on wednesdays most of the time(timezones and shit) nice to have it on a tuesday, this happens rarely, but it does happen.

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wrestling? nooooooo



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this is a shockingly early bombcast. O______O

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I do some light locksmithing for work and doorknobs and deadbolts are fun to noodle with.

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Hey Drew, pikmin 3 is preeeetty good

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Damn this is an early Bombcast, please be this early always.

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Such lies don't bet on fake DBZ but always vote on legit DBZ

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is the Rap Man going to enter the Salty Bet scene???

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I picked up a Wii U just for the Platinum Games stuff.

Also just like with StarCraft 2 Brad is ruining any interest I had in Dota with the endless talks week after week.

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super MEGA early BOMBcast!

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I'm still at work Jeff. Are you suggesting I wrap up early for the day?

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"We could just steal it(saltybet) and make our own"

-Jeff Gerstmann

This phrase should be funny to anyone who knows the history of Salty Bet.

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I'm really happy that they brought back the "segment" music. Now I know when it's the News!

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What will it take for me to get a Wii U? $150 bucks or a new Metroid Prime. Whichever comes first.

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Felt like they should have talked about Atlus bidding a little more.

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I love an Earlycast.

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Im watching that warrior reality show with that stupid metalcore band. All I have to say is he's fucking deep as shit

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@deegee said:


I was super excited that Rorie was going to be the fifth person, thinking they finally realised he needs to be on this.


Yeah, I want Rorie on the podcast as well

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I just got a Wii U over the weekend for Pikmin 3. I'm loving that game so far!

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Have the Giant Bomb crew ever talked in-depth, or at all about The Last of Us on one of the podcasts? If so, can someone tell me which one? Thanks. I'd like to know what they thought about it. Every time I beat a game, especially a fantastic one, I like to find some discussions about it through podcasts and what have you.

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I think I'm on Vinny's side on college sports. Yes there's some really dumb stuff in collegiate sports, but they have their positives. Though college NASCAR needs to happen!

Good that we have an early Bombcast too!

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I just love reading the descriptions to the podcasts. That's how deep I am in this!

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Whatever Alex, Cel Damage was fun.

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As a Massachusetts man, I have to correct Alex on the pronunciation of Quincy. It is "KWIN see" not "KWIND zee". Also, the proper mispronunciation of Worcester is "WOR ches ter", not "wusester". I don't mean to be a jerk, but that shit made me cringe.

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Yep, me too.

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Never bet on DBZ, except for the time when you should've bet on DBZ.

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@double said:

Never bet on DBZ, except for the time when you should've bet on DBZ.

Always bet on MS Paint.

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@iamjohn said:
@theht said:

Always bet on hitbox.

Knuckles/Robocop, nvr 4gt (because that's how I made all of my money before I got sent back to the mines).


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@ntm said:

Have the Giant Bomb crew ever talked in-depth, or at all about The Last of Us on one of the podcasts? If so, can someone tell me which one? Thanks. I'd like to know what they thought about it. Every time I beat a game, especially a fantastic one, I like to find some discussions about it through podcasts and what have you.

They haven't. With E3 business and then Ryan, it's not exactly the shortest, or happiest game, to play through/ talk about. I do hope one day they will do a spoilercast. I would love to hear their opinions on the ending.

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Alexcast? Sign me UP!

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I hope Sega does not buy Atlus!

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Never bet on DBZ, unless it's Mr. Satan.

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Dota 2.

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Posted By SadisticWOlf

Dota 2?

Dota 2.

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Oh god. That saltybet.com thing is so addictive and I usually don't even like fighting or watching fighting games.

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@deegee: I'm totally there with you man, Rorie should be the 5th person. I like Alex too, but Rorie is there, duders, have him on! He's hilarious. :)

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Drew's un-acknowledged "DuckTales" reference had me in stitches...

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@drewbert: I'm glad you got a racing wheel. The next thing you need to get that will go with both your flight and driving gear is a tactile transducer for your chair. It hooks up to your subwoofer channel or mono mix and works like a weaker single-axis DBOX and accurately shakes to the frequency of the bass. Racing/flying sims are great with them because you can feel the engine and turbulence rattle the cockpit.

I wouldn't go for a whole racing chair setup with built in actuators that rely on certain software to work, unless you can also pump music through it. I have a couple Buttkicker BK-GR modules attached to my chair, and I love the hell out of them. If you attach them to the back of the chair instead of the pole underneath, the effect is much more present and resonates better. They're also the perfect counterpart to headphones because you can hear the bass plain as day while sitting in the chair, then it's practically silent when you stand up. And it fills in the missing 'oomph' that even the best headphone amps lack.

(edit: Looks like there's also the BK-SK Simulation kit that has a transducer which screw-mounts directly to whatever rig you end up going with and isolators to help keep the waves from traveling through the floor. But it probably wouldn't be portable enough to bring to the office.)

It would also probably blow @jeff 's paradox fuse since he hates crazy peripherals, but loves the type of bass that makes your ass jiggle. Just like dubstep did.

As far as games that work with both a flight stick and steering wheel go, all I can think of is the Arma series and Take on Helicopters. Possibly Take on Mars, from the same developer. Sadly Battlefield 3 definitely doesn't support more than one device at a time, nor things like multi-part stick/pedal combos. It would be great if there was some sort of tunneling software that combined all the devices into a single virtual device with a billion axes and buttons.