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Posted By isawachuck


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Posted By jhaskins988

Worth the wait!!

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Posted By RajBanditto

Good hussle Brad :)

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Posted By Uff_duh

Thanks Guys

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Posted By LordBevo

My Tuesday is now complete!

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Posted By Torbot

Cha-ching! Money in the podcast bank!

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Posted By tildebees

See YOU at PAX!!!

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Posted By AMyggen

Looking forward to watching PAX stuff from home!

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Posted By adamfedoruk


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Posted By BlackNietzsche

They may not come when you want it, but they'll be there right on time!!!

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Posted By MyFriendBlake

Kept us waiting, huh?

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Posted By 71Ranchero

That was the best add I have ever heard.

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Posted By mintyice
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Posted By hammondoftexas


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Posted By mithhunter55

It amuses me all the complaining people had about "gross" japanese stylings shown off in metal gear. Then here we have an ad's mentioning Monster Musume.

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Posted By sparkletone

"Didn't you say she was also a snake?" LOL, and that is why I will always listen to the non-premium podcast even though I don't have to.

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Posted By Relenus

New premium content idea: Jeff describes every anime on Crunchyroll.

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Edited By Aegon

Jeff is talking about MONSTER FUCKING MUSUME?!?

This is terrible. Who could have foreseen this?

Edit: Kill Lak Kill is pretty good, but I heard you already heard. Ya heard?

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Posted By baka_shinji17

Tonight there's going to be a Bombcast, somewhere in this town.

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Edited By Lemmycaution217

Jeff has Morning Musume on the mind.

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Posted By AlwaysBeClothing

Giant Bomb is always the most hype thing to come out of PAX, at least for me!

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Posted By Junkboy


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Posted By DarkbeatDK

Yes! You should absolutely play Snatcher!!!

I made this video. I hope it will convince you.

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Edited By Jataka4

I wanted to hear Jeff's thoughts on GATE during the opening Crunchyroll, but the name never came up. Dang it. I legitimately think he'd get a kick out of that show.

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Posted By LiquidPrince

Monster Musume is actually a pretty funny manga from what I read of the first few chapters.

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Edited By monovet

Hearing Jeff advertise what is essentially softcore monstergirl porn anime is the funniest thing I have ever heard in my life

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Posted By Sexylocalsingles

I love anime editor gerstmann. Better late than never

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Posted By KaneRobot

Earlycast! That's what people here say even when it isn't actually early, right?

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Posted By df

Monster Musume is better than Gal Gun

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Posted By Chicken008

Kill la Kill is pretty alright.

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Posted By BannerThief

@darkbeatdk: Snatcher's fucking dope as fuck. I'm surprised that not many people have heard of it considering it's got a Kojima pedigree. It's basically 'what if Hideo Kojima directed Blader Runner', and it's as crazy and wonderful as you'd expect.

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Posted By mikachops


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Posted By sravankb

Who in their right mind thought it would be a good idea to advertise crunchy roll on GB?

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Edited By ripelivejam

A wizard (brad) is never late.

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Posted By The_Nubster

...did that guy say "Sad Factory?"

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Edited By InstantRyan

A Bombcast with a lot of MGS talk and no Dan? I smell a conspiracy

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Posted By divergence

Wouldn't surprise me at all if Nintendo's next system doesn't have a drive. They probably want to get away from packaging and shipping discs as much as anyone else. Just preload a "pack-in" game on the system's hard drive so kids have something to play immediately on Christmas morning without having to go online and wait for hours to download something.

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Edited By RonGalaxy

A part of Jeff died when he had to extol the virtues of furries in that ad.

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Posted By TGJessie

Man, the ads should be the premium content XD I usually listen to the premium podcast, but the first 3 minutes just converted me.

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Posted By ArbitraryWater


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Posted By Mirado

Hey, I think they called out my thread! It's here and it took forever to compile as Metal Gear is as dense as fuck. It's a timeline of all events pre-MGSV, with no TPP spoilers (but spoilers for MGS 3, Portable Ops, Peace Walker, and Ground Zeroes, so watch out).

If you are way over your head, and want to lock down at least a bit of knowledge before the game rolls out in a few days, check it out. I tried to condense it to only what is important for the new game.

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Posted By TGJessie

The name "Arilou Lalee'lay" was the first thing that came to my mind, glad there was a remark along those lines =P

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Posted By NameRedacted

I'm surprised they all don't fly out on the same flight, from the same airport, if they're leaving the same day. The exception I could see would be those living in East Bay leaving from Oakland instead of SFO, and Jeff leaving from his "local" airport up north. It wouldn't make sense to make the trip to SFO in those cases.

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Edited By lovcol

MGS V spoilers?

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Posted By ShaggE

That "going back and commentating old E3s" idea is awesome. I really hope they get around to it.

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Posted By ripelivejam

Love dan, but the brad/drew/jason/jeff combo should happen a little more often.

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Posted By Three0neFive

@sravankb said:

Who in their right mind thought it would be a good idea to advertise crunchy roll on GB?

what are you talking about it is the best idea shut up

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Posted By bricewgilbert

Resident Evil 4 really gets short shrift when it comes to being the camera offset shooter with cover shit. Yeah obviously Gears was entirely focused on cover (perfected it) and it is the game that influenced the rest after it, but Gears when it came out was clearly influenced by RE4 (even stated by devs) . I'm not saying this because I care that much, but I think it's an interesting historical context.

Yeah and Kill Switch, but few actually played it.

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Posted By TheTrekkie

Speaking of the "illusion of choice", the worst example I can think of recently is Life Is Strange.

I fucking lost it when Jeff screamed about cartridges. The thing about plastic is such bullshit, glass is far easier to recycle than plastic.

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Posted By GuardianReflex

I love that Jeff seems to have progressed into a manic raving ad-man during the intro plug for crunchy roll.