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Loot Hero does not exist. Stop lying to me Boss of Bosses!

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Posted By Major

Amazing! Just when I was about to lose my mind a new podcast comes out early.

Thanks Giantbombcast, for keeping me sane.

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Anna calling was hilarious

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Posted By Kohe321

AWESOME PODCAST! Can't wait for the rest of your PAX coverage!

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I'm moving to seattle this weekend!  (tonight in fact) and I will mos def be at PAX next year.  Hope I bump up against any of the Bomb crew, that'd be sick!  I want to buy you guys drinks. 

And sorry, but I gotta agree with Rich G.  The swearing really gets old, and kinda gets in the way.  It's funny sometimes, but in general...i could do without.  You guys are PROS c'mon!


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Not trying to thread-jack.  But dude, i say Fuck, everyone says Fuck at some point.  It is however, like it or not, a good deal less pro.  If Rich had a Bombcast, i'd listen to it instead of this one cause it'd be more Pro.  Sorry bomb crew, you guys are seriously awesome, but i listen to you for your intelligent insight and input on games and all things gaming.  Humor comes second, and Fuck just isn't always funny.

Anyway, just saying, I cancelled my Gamestpot membership after Rich left because HE kept that show Pro.  It just went down hill, and never recovered.  Just saying...listen to the man, he knows stuff!


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For those complaining about the sound quality, listen to the 1UP Show from PAX and then come back.

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Posted By Berkie

 Great show! Jeff, you made me miss my old 73 Nova....and it was a real treat to hear the old gang together again!

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Posted By Paul

The descendant of Lord Kelvin should have asserted himself more. 

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Posted By the_purgatory_station

for all the people against the swearing.  do you even listen to the podcasts?  how many of the previous bombcasts had swearing up the yin yang?  how many lacked structure?

this was the only espisode where they swore a lot.  and this was like a "fun" epsiode; which was actually really fun.  also you heard from the guys or any site out there, there's not really any newsworthy stuff to report on.  i mean they're all pretty much the same builds.  if you're looking for hardcore news go to some other site; i'm sure you'll find plenty.

for rich gallup; your entitled to your opinion.  here's mine.   keep your "professionalism" to yourself.  this was basically a "fun" episode and i seriously doubt all bombcast will be like this.  the slight swearing/indie feel works for giant bomb. this isn't some website backed up by some corporate suit.
and remember jeff was the guy that said fuck was being used too much in kane and lynch.  people probably use a lot of swearing as their 1 trick pony in college radio.  but the GB staff has a lot to offer; the swearing just makes it more personable.

i don't listen to podcasts of any kind bc a lot of them are too long and boring. 

but i listen to bombcast bc it's informative and entrertaining at the same time.

the day bombcast becomes all "Professional" is the day i stop listening.  i'll still go to the site but not worth investing my time in bombcasts if it gets all serious.  every site has its niche and you are free to go to any one you like.

look everybody's entitled to their own opinion.  you don't like swearing.  fine.  voice it to GB and they may or may not put it into affect.

i don't think GB swears THAT much and i don't think they use it as a cheap trick to draw people in.  i kinda like to think it like the movie superbad.  a movie that used language as it's comedy not resorting to cheap T&A.  i know it's apples and oranges but you're telling me HBO shows like sopranos is unprofessional.

i'm a pretty serious and boring guy that leans toward the CNN style.  but there's a time and place for everything.  never wrong to balance life with a little dave chappelle, richard pryor, or Ali G language.

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Posted By xruntime

Hm, in the middle they start talking into the mic...

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Posted By Death_Burnout

Hey i got nothing against swearing, i say fuck all the damn time, and i love GB for its casual and laid-back style, yes this was a fun multi-guested PAX podcast (which equals fun) I've been listening since Arrow Pointing Down too.

But personally something didnt click with all the swearing in the middle, not sure what though.

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Posted By imHunt

Mediocre Podcast. The cursing felt more forced than usual. Lame. Clean up your acts, get it together, and try again next week. Most uninformative podcast yet...

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Posted By tovan

Dude, this podcast wasn't about information, it was about Rich freakin Gallup.

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Posted By ArbitraryWater

Time Trotters Cartoon Episode 2?!? Too bad it never ever will come out ever.

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Posted By MichaelScott

Great podcast. I don't care about the swearing either way, really. :O

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Posted By Teoball

haha, this is awesome.

I hope you never "clean up" your act as some of the people here say.  Just keep the fun going!
and the cursing? who cares? people talk like that. 

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Posted By nweasel

Best Video Game Podcast since the OLD GameSpot HotSpot EVER. EVER. EEEEVVVVEEEERRRR.


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I don't think saying "fuck" is about trying to be funny. It's just another word to pepper a sentence with. It's no more unnecessary than any other word.

Ofcourse it comes down to personal preference, to some it may sound forced or gratuitous, to others (like myself) it isn't (certainly not compared to other podcasts I've heard).

The sudden moving of the mic close toward mr. Gallup a bit later on in the podcast - now THAT I find annoying, I had to run across the room to save my speakers and ears! :)

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Posted By Euryb

great to hear the whole gang together again

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Posted By JoshuaN

Awesome Podcast Guys!  Also to everyone who is crying about swearing, its right there in the description, if you don't like it, don't listen. 

Again guys, good job.

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Posted By SamChamploo
Gamespot actually has Ep 2 of the Timetrotters ?
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Posted By Peter

I really dont care about swearing, I mean its no big deal. I would've prefered it though if everyone was sober and I could've gotten Rich's, Matt's and everyones professional oppinoin  on games rather than drunken ramblings. Rich only comes along once and awhile make his time count, still it made me laugh so good podcast

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Posted By FLStyle

Great podcast, Giantbomb > other gaming sites as always, see you on Tuesday!

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Posted By WickedCobra03

OMG!  Rich Gallup is back!  I LOVE YOU and your AMAZINGLY FANTASTIC introduction!!!

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Posted By SamChamploo
With all that cussing in the Bombcast they should of have David Jaffe as a guest.
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Posted By RagingLion

So soso excited to hear you guys all together again - it's been so long.  Sounded like you guys were having great fun and I loved hearing you all obviously enjoying hanging out again.  Bombcast heaven.  Seriously missed you Rich and can never get enough of Navarro - I love your humour.

Btw Jeff, you got pretty profound with some of your commentary on PAX there - it was really interesting hearing all that stuff and it sounded like it was coming from the heart and meant quite a bit to you ... deep ... seriously.  That and everyine being together probably makes this my favourite bombcast (although loved hearing you guys freak out over the user reaction in the one after you'd launched the site).

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Posted By Eli

Best BombCast ever. Awesome old school GameSpot reunion.

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Posted By Muffin_Hunter

Man, you guys are really boozed up. The word "drunken" should have appeared somewhere in the title or at least the description of this Bombcast.

"Poop Tapes"!?.... Please grant me more of your knowledge... I must know more about these so called "poop tapes" o_O 

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Posted By clovy

Did anyone find the youtube vid of that weird german guy that Jeff was talking about? If anyone did could they please post the url. thanks

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Posted By EleFlameMax

I ditto RagingLoin's comment a million times over, specifically the portion regarding Jeff's unexpected philosophic ramblings. That's like, what, the 52nd "whoa" moment I've had on this site?

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Posted By imayellowfellow

i liked the podcast

its very laid back and casual and i wasnt really expecting some hardbreaking journalism goign on in the PAX bombcast with all the reunionism goin on

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Posted By Thordain

Was it just me, or did the podcast cut short at the end. Seemed like there was a conversation going on, then all of the sudden I hear the opening music again.

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Posted By Jeff

We certainly hear you on the "light on actual content" thing, but keep in mind that you're essentially listening to a group of old friends that don't get to see each other very often, celebrating a bit immediately after finishing our PAX panel. That's why this ain't our regular Tuesday night thing. It's meant to be a fun little bonus for the people who still care about the old gang.

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Posted By kboy

Back in motherfucking effect! Man, this brings back memories. This is what the old GS gang should have sounded like from the beginning: uncensored. It's nice to hear that Rich and Alex are still alive.

Great edition. Thanks for the overwhelming feeling of déjà vu.

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Posted By Dandy

best evar

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Posted By Chris

Great to hear from everyone again. I hope this becomes a yearly tradition.

Is the panel going to be posted as a video or did you guys not record it? I hope it's coming...

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Posted By Ontheocho


Please continue to imbibe, swear, and call out Garnet Lee.  They swear at 1up, and it sounds forced.  Your cursing sounds natural.  It is a privilage to hear the "Band back together."

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Best bombcast yet guys, i know the dudes who don't know about the whole GS crew are hating on this one but they must remember this isn't the Tuesday one and was obviously going to be a massive bonerfest for the old timers that love rich and alex and the whole gang.

Keep the swearing going, it makes the whole thing so much more meaningful and makes it seem real. When jeff got all deep and serious, that was a fucking great moment and made me feel just awesome and aware of what the gaming community is and how growing up with it was and everything.

Thanks so much for this podcast guys, it made many of the old timers so happy and nostalgic and all that kinda mess, keep it up!

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Posted By Junpei

I'm not sure how much of Jeff's monologue was the vodka talking, but otherwise good time. Nice to hear all the guys back together again.

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Posted By DarkEnzanArikado

Great BombCast! Man, can't believe they are doing a podcast together.


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Posted By Hef

Best. Bombcast. Ever

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Posted By Andrew

Good to hear Rich again.

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Posted By Chris

I don't think the swearing on 1UP Yours is forced at all. Anyone who had listened to that podcast over an extended period of time would know that.

I like both Giant Bomb and 1UP. I hope that this site doesn't devolve into the type of place that supports people who want to bitch about opposing web-sites.

Spread the love.