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This interview was straight dumpin' (in a good way)

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Beep Beep Beep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Is this ever going to come to iTunes?

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Dat truck be dumpin' yo. Blap blap.

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Scoop vs... is a better name than Dump Truck.

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Funny he brought up that his game can be a bit spooky, when I was watching the trailer I was in "get ready for jumpscare" mode.

Wonder why that is, the music has a bit too much tension, and also being alone and quiet I guess.

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This project sounds really interesting! I'm sorta getting tired of shooting guys in the face...

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Wow. The cassette tape audio player is fantastic. Haven't seen it until now.

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Been looking forward to this game since Patrick's article a month or two back. Also, I honestly think this game would be amazing with Oculus Rift support.

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@devoureroftime said:
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Why did I watch this entire video?

Because it was posted by the Devourer of Time.

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Referring to yourself by the nickname others have given you is pretty weak.

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Referring to yourself by the nickname others have given you is pretty weak.

Dumbest thing I've heard all day.

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Referring to yourself by the nickname others have given you is pretty weak.

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Beep Beep.

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Scoops on Scoops violence

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As far as the theme tune, I've been making do with this

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Does Davey Wreden interrupt this?

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Really looking forward to Gone Home.

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Dump that truckful of Hot Scoops all over my speakers.

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@peritus said:

@undeadpool said:

Someone needs to photoshop the Klepek-Fro on one or both of those.

Best idea.

Klep-fro on one, Klep-pedo beard on the other. There are two Klepeks!

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Is this going to be on iTunes? Can't seem to find it.

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That game sounds super fascinating, but this is the first I've really heard about it. Looking forward to seeing or reading more about it.

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video gaaaames

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thank you patrick.

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Someone needs to photoshop the Klepek-Fro on one or both of those.

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High School Baby 4: Baby's First GDC

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scoop off for charity. whoever can scoop the most ice cream in a day wins money for his charity of choice.

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Happiness is two scoops!

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Scoops of hot scoops!