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Chris is awesome. I really enjoy his writing.

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DayZ always sounded like something I'd be super into, but I'm just not. And I played about 60 hours of the mod, but I always had the most fun just running around with a friend, trying to survive and avoid other players which is, as I was frequently and very confidently told in some forums, a stupid and boring way to play the game and I'm a stupid person to play it that way. Obviously just running around with a buddy is also a great way to avoid any fun stories but I'm just not into PvP

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This music, man, it gets me every time. It's so dumb and so great.

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I love DayZ, I hope Dean Hall leaving at the end of the year doesn't stagnate it.

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Hey! It's the guy who made Concerned!

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Chris is one of my favourite writers, his stories in the Elder Scrolls universe are ace.

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@patrickklepek This is a cool thing, I really like this and hope this inspires more GB related DayZ stuff.

One last thing, and I am sorry if this sounds mean cause I honestly don't mean it to be. The guy you are interviewing sounds like if Dave Snider and Kermit the Frog had a kid. And that is an amazing thing to fill your ears.

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I watched a DayZ streamer with thousands of viewers on twitch for a few minutes. He killed a guy and then spent about 5 minutes jumping up and down on his corpse and screaming insults at him.

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I've been a fan of Chris ever since notmydesk, so its pretty amazing seeing his name on GB's front page. Its cool to see so many others are fans as well.

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DayZ is some weird unexplainable phenomenon, like mass ergotism or something. It's a crummy Arma mod that by all rights should be a tiny niche thing but it just happened to hit at a fever pitch in this whole zombie pop culture explosion; which is ironic because DayZ has shit all to do with zombies.

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@vuud said:

DayZ is some weird unexplainable phenomenon, like mass ergotism or something.

That is a super-funny analogy. I had to look up what ergotism was to even understand this. Very random.

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I heart dayz.

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The first few years of Ultima Online sounded a lot like this. You start with nothing, you're trying to survive and the people who are more well equipped would prey on those that weren't. It was great, but way too much stress for me now that I'm older.

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Oh man, haven't heard anything about him since Concerned. Really excited to listen to this.

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One of those games that I don't want to play, but I want to hear all the stories it leads to.

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This was a great episode ... but I think @patrickklepek should get a few stories together and do this once a month like a This American Life for gaming. I dunno ... anyway, good job!

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DayZ would be right up my alley if, as I believe Vinny put it, it wasn't "ARMA as fuck". What was the point of making it a standalone game separate from ARMA if it's going to play just like an ARMA mod, other than to get people to buy it again? Use the same engine or don't, but they could have made the game and especially the controls a lot more intuitive. The barrier to entry on DayZ isn't nearly as high as EVE but damn, I just don't even want to try. Convoluted controls are one of those things that can make even the greatest games suck.