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Posted By HomieGSB

beastcast bestcast

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Posted By billmcneal

There's never been a better time for playing video games!

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Posted By Phili151

the boys are back in town on loop

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Posted By bushlemon

Happy Birthday 2017

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Posted By MarkHawk

Wasn't expecting this today. Killing it with content this holiday season :D

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Posted By AMyggen

Happy new new year (soon)!

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Posted By deactivated-5b031d0e868a5

Holiday podcasts are always a treat.

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Posted By MooseyMcMan

It's a Christmas New Year's Miracle!

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Posted By Jonny_Anonymous


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Posted By ArachAU

Y'all playing Fiasco again?

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Posted By Oxyrain

Whenever someone names a character Dufresne (I think the Easy Allies did so recently), I think they are playing the long game to try and end on a Shawshank quote.

For instance "Blah blah Dufresne. Trawled through a river of chips and came out green on the other side."

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Posted By sb5k

I'm so happy! I can't wait to listen to this!

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Posted By theharribokid

Is Pat's audio constantly cutting in and out in this for anyone else?? Im at 56mins in if that helps

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Posted By mikecardii
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Edited By dudeglove

Austin Walker confirmed.

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Posted By JarenFace

@theharribokid: Same case for me. I'm at the hour thirty mark and as much as I'm enjoying myself, Pat's audio is taking away some of this episode's magic.

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Posted By Melonpan

Yeah, Pat's audio is busted.

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Posted By vinny
@melonpan said:

Yeah, Pat's audio is busted.

Sorry, I've got a new file going up that should fix this.

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Posted By MasterSwanny

Thank you Star King for this most bountiful Candle Nights season!

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Posted By AMyggen

@vinny said:
@melonpan said:

Yeah, Pat's audio is busted.

Sorry, I've got a new file going up that should fix this.

Nice, thanks!

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Posted By vinny

@amyggen said:
@vinny said:
@melonpan said:

Yeah, Pat's audio is busted.

Sorry, I've got a new file going up that should fix this.

Nice, thanks!

New file is up. Hopefully fixes the issue.

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Posted By TanookiSuit
@vinny said:
@amyggen said:
@vinny said:
@melonpan said:

Yeah, Pat's audio is busted.

Sorry, I've got a new file going up that should fix this.

Nice, thanks!

New file is up. Hopefully fixes the issue.


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Posted By creutzfeldt

This is great stuff! "I did some hacking on Wikipedia..." :D

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Edited By Dray2k

Woooo, 5 men Beastcasts!

EDIT: This turns out to me much better than I thought. What a way to end the year.

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Posted By Flavbot

Too much #content!

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Posted By mattoncybertron

@vinny: that did it, thanks Vinny!

this is great stuff, thanks guys!

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Posted By FlappyHands

@vinny said:
@amyggen said:
@vinny said:
@melonpan said:

Yeah, Pat's audio is busted.

Sorry, I've got a new file going up that should fix this.

Nice, thanks!

New file is up. Hopefully fixes the issue.

V-Bomb is on the case!

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Edited By TheFatalWound

@vinny Thanks for the fix! There's some chop on Alex's audio from ~0:54:00-0:55:30, mainly when he's yelling. Not sure if that's fixable, just a heads up.

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I love this, but why is there a beastcast but no bombcast?

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Posted By Wlleiotl

I thought Pat was doing that intentionally because he was on the other end of a bluetooth

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Posted By Kiruvi

@grimreefz: There are 15 hours of Bombcast this week, there's an episode every day!

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Edited By ShadowSwordmaster

I'm surprised to see this.

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Edited By Nekrosis

@vinny: I just played it from the podcast feed after pausing for about an hour and realized he wasn't messed up anymore. I like the fact that I just dealt with it and had no idea that it wasn't just my phone messing up until looking at the comments.

Thanks for saving the day Vinny! I'm excited to see the gadgets used by F.L.I.T.Z

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Posted By sirdesmond

I completely forgot about the Holiday Special! What a great surprise!

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Posted By Marv89

I love this, but why is there a beastcast but no bombcast?

You're kidding, right?

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Posted By anarchovelo

Just last week I relistened to last years episode because I was afraid they wouldn't do it again. I'm so happy right now.

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Posted By Krakn3Dfx

Terrified to see what next year brings, but excited for more Beastcast.

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Edited By Linkorius

What's the name of the game they're playing?

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Posted By hassun

This should get me through some awful family reunions!

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Edited By chocolatebear

My fav podcast in the world!

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Edited By kody_hopkins

In my head canon, I'm gonna pretend that the "threat neutralized" remark comes from them listening to Idle Thumbs...

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Edited By Xylase

Do all people from New York pronounce "winch" as "wench"? Or have I been pronouncing it wrong my entire life?

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Posted By austin_walker
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Edited By zaldar

YES AUSTIN IS BACK WITH THE BEST PODCAST GROUP HE WILL EVER WORK WITH!!! *Runs Around Room Screaming Happily!* I really hope we get more fiasco rpg stuff! I think I need to start going back and listening to all of friends around the table again - even if some of the world building and loosey goosey with rules rubbed me the wrong way (I mean when you make an NPC I always had a firm design in mind the players part in the story is interacting with what I designed not designing it with me...)

2 minutes in and oh boy - THIS is going to be hilarious. I need to find people to play fiasco or follow with. These seem like great systems for fun light less rule focused play. Though come on Austin - you know you want to make it an real original version of the constitution that isn't capitalist or are you saving that for over on waypoint ;). Seriously that was the kind of thing I expected as soon as you said "found out national treasure style"....that probably says more about me than you though...(sigh)....

Austin - you REALLY need to write scripts for these and copyright the ideas NOW. These would make HILARIOUS crime caper movies. I know at least one author type person who could help if you are at all interested!!

Austin "no we are professionals" - um how long has it been since you listened to Fiasco...

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Posted By kody_hopkins
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Posted By Linkorius
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Edited By TreesPlease

To help keep track of this glorious fictional edifice and the player's place therein please peruse this Dramatis Personae.

SPOILERS follow for the character creation segment at the beginning of the podcast including the character's Wants and Needs. Nothing else is spoiled.


Giant Bomb East presents,

in association with The Baer Caev

and The Waypoint Interactive Fiction Initiative:


"They're gonna' have themselves a ball!"


Alex Navarro as HARD MARKINSON - Exasperated criminal - Needs to get Lincoln Ghost out of his life - Wants to get out of the game.

And ARMISTICE GAINESWOOD "A.G." DUFRESNE - Organiser of the New York Ball Drop.

Austin Walker as CODEINE "CODY" AMERICA - A bad cop - Needs Hard Markinson to teach him to be a criminal - Wants revenge on the police.

And SERENITY STARR - Engineer and tactician. Descendant of Jacob Starr, the creator of the original New Years Ball.

Jeffrey Ian Bakalar as STEVE "THE SHADOW" KACZLYŃSKI - Mastermind? - Needs Cody America to sign his sister's divorce papers - Wants to be respected as a competent criminal.

And LOUIS GRIDLOCK - Getaway driver.

Pat Baer as CHRISTOPHER "CHRIS" GHOST - Inexperienced criminal - Needs revenge on The Shadow - Wants to steal enough money to get out of the game.

And JEN SPARKLE - A really terrible hacker.

Vincent Caravella as LINCOLN GHOST - Brazen criminal - Needs to keep Chris Ghost out of trouble - Wants to make this caper into "the craziest heist story ever".

And F.L.I.T.Z - Contemptuous robot.

Also Starring:


Coming to all good podcast purveyors near you New Year 2016/17!!!!

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Posted By Libb

Sorry Helmut, F.L.I.T.Z. is clearly the Best New Character of 2016.

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