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I sure do enjoy these.

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April fools, he's not even real.

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Always be beepin'

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straight DUMPIN

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Dump Truck sill keeps delivering. Love these. Richard seems like a really cool, smart guy.

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I immediately think of this feature whenever i heard beeping sounds sounds from our local dump truck, good stuff guys.

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This is smart human right here. Sounds like the chat was cut a little short, which is a shame. I'd love to hear a long form interview with Richard in the future.

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I could hear fist bump at the end of the audio

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What size of potato was this thing recorded on.

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where is the god damn intro music??? I thought they said they had one ready to go for the weekend.LIES!!!!!

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Uncharted 3 was my least favorite UC game, easily. Even then, this gentleman seems like an interesting person; someone you'd like to meet and have a cool conversation with. By him being a visiting professor, he can share his knowledge with many aspiring game developers. That's amazing work. Keep it up!

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@theveej:Last weekend Giant Bomb Standard Time. Which means next weekend.

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I got to meet him during GGJ this year! He had some nice things to say about our game. Seems like a rad duder.

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@original_hank said:

April fools, he's not even real.


True, he DOES look pretty CG in that picture. #teamcg

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I wonder why Patrick was being kicked out part way through!

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I was kicked out because GDC was literally over, and they were packing everything up!

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This sucks. April Fools! It's awesome.

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These are awesome, although you guys need a way to see past episodes when on the mobile site. Well, happy, safe, dump-trucking.

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Damn, I remember him from all those Behind The Scenes stuff on the Uncharted games.

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beep beep: Infinite

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he looks like david tennant

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Met him when he was doing the euro PR tour for Uncharted 3. Really nice and genuinely funny guy.

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My friend who is a grad student at University of Southern California told me he was in "a Lemarchand class", and I was like, "What is Lemarchand?" Then he told me it was this guy. He seemed to like the class.

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I have a friend who's double majoring in games and film at USC who has a class with this guy. He seems pretty cool.

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Wow that did NOT feel like only five and a half minutes. Excellent interview and thanks Patrick!

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I'm so glad Lemarchand is helping to lead the future of the game industry through education. Plus mention of Bowie and Eno?! Fabulous stuff!

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He seems like a cool dude and seems happy with what he is doing