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I have never used so much Google before in my life. I know nothing about current wrestling, so every time they would blurt out a crazy name, I wanted to look up these insane wrestlers. My knowledge of wrestling is only limited to the attitude era.

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I'm literally watching Raw on mute while listening to this. Best way to experience WWE lol

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Lets get ready to rumble!

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I haven't listened yet, but I really hope this isn't consisted of "wrestling was dumb but awesome before, but totally stupid and boring now" with people who don't regularly watch it who somehow are expected to commentate and discuss the topic.

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I dont even watch wrestling but decided to give this a listen

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Jared Rhea?

Fuckin hell yeah. Love when he's on the bombcasts.

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Any reason for me to listen to this? I've never, ever found any enjoyment whatsoever from professional wrestling. Even as a kid, I found it profoundly stupid and pointless.

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@branthog said:

Damn. I thought this was the actual bombcast. Oh well, enjoy fake wrestling freaks! :)

Hey man, let me come over there and hit you in the head with a steel chair and then hurl you off of a ladder. It wont hurt at all right?

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Any reason for me to listen to this? I've never, ever found any enjoyment whatsoever from professional wrestling. Even as a kid, I found it profoundly stupid and pointless.

Probably no reason to listen then. Its a lot of talk about pro wrestling.


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FINALLY! I've been waiting for this podcast for years! :D

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I only ever got into wrestling during The Rock era around 99 or 2000 but how can I pass up sweet sweet GB content?

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Christian is awesome and absolutely deserves his spot, hell I think he deserves more. Dude has barely been given an opportunity to be interesting lately, and I think he's done a decent job getting over in the few opportunities they've given him.

Christian is one of the most underrated Wrestlemania performers ever, he can talk and he is a great wrestler, and yet he has never quite hit the heights he has deserved for various reasons. He totally deserves to play a part in the Smackdown/WHC main event scene.

And that's my nerdrant. Great cast, guys. Would love to see this once a month or something.

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Good show I think once a week would be two much as the WWE seems to have a lot of filler each week but I guess that's the price they pay for having 8 hours of tv to fill each week. But I think you should do the cast before each PPV the only thing I would add is to give your picks for who's going to win.

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This is good timing as I am getting back into wrestling right now.

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What? But I hate wrestling!

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I'm so pumped they actually went ahead and did this!

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I haven't followed wrestling since I was a child but I love listening to these guys talk about it.

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Daniel Bryan and The Wyatt's have me interested in the Fed for the first time in 8 years. I can't wait for them to completely screw it up!

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This is amazing.

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I got into wrestling back around 1996 as a young boy, and spent a lot of my primary school years deep into WCW (cause we didn't have the TV channels with WWF) and also playing the Smackdown! games religiously.

Once I hit secondary school, I didn't watch as much (although I started watching a bunch of classic matches from old PPVs), but I continued to play a whole lot of the Smackdown (and later SvR) franchise right up to around 2008/9.

When I went to Uni, I actually dropped off the games (they became replaced by SFIV and Smash Bros as the couch competition fighting games of choice). I watched a LOT of TNA in 2009-2011 though, cause I put it on just to see how it was and me and several housemates got super into watching it as a dumb thing on a Saturday.

Since leaving uni I haven't seen much, but it still holds a special place in my heart. I picked up SvR 2010 and maybe I'll grab the next one if it takes my fancy, WWE '13 seems kinda cool. Thanks for doing this guys, I look forward to more. Also great to hear Giancarlo, Jared, and Dan on the cast.

EDIT: I also love Mike Tenay. Him and Tazz together were half the reason we loved that damn show as much as we did. Just a really great play-by-play guy who always knew his business.

EDIT 2: So I just went and watched Summerslam. I think I'm back in for now, this podcast might be the motivation to pique my interest again.

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That was really good. Alex should host more things.

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I am just writing this to say that this show was great and I hope everyone comes back to do more of these as I had a lot of fun listen to y'all talk about 'rasslin'.

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Restarted my subscription, albeit monthly, for this podcast. Keep them coming and I will keep on giving you guys money.

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Great job Alex! I'm an occasional fan of WWE, so super-interesting to hear everyone's history with the "sport!"

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This was great, really enjoyed it. Look forward to the next one.

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zero interest in wrestling, still listening.

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No interest in wrestling but I could listen to Jeff talking about anything.

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Look forward to listening, actually just got back into wrestling this should be good

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This is the best thing out of all things.

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I really enjoyed listening to this, and I'm glad to hear a variety of perspectives instead of a room full of superfans. I haven't watched wrestling in a decade but still find it kind of amusing from afar.

Also, @alex, you did a great fuckin' job hosting this.

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Hahaha it actually happened!

I always respected pro wrestling for the crazy type of performance entertainment it is and the dedication. Stopped watching back around 1999 tho.

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FANTASTIC show. Only thing that could possibly make it better is some stupid crossover and have Chris Sims from ComicsAlliance appear on this thing. But short of that? Damn near perfect.

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YES! I'm always torn on dog walks whether to listen to Art of Wrestling or Giant Bombcast, now its like both, at the same time! Incredible

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Umm so does anyone know how I can get the premium podcasts onto Pocket Casts? I don't want to download the podcast every time

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Okay, so the intro music was perfect. I don't need to listen any longer to know this is awesome.

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This was so good. I love it! Keep these coming guys, more than once a month if possible.

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I...I....These tears on my face. They are born of joy!

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Weird, will not play.

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I haven't been interested in wrestling in years, but I have to listen to this. Downloading now.

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This was incredibly enlightening. So glad you guys are doing this. Might even get me to buy tickets to some events... dammit.

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@hassun: I believe they're playing off of the wrestling move called a Power Bomb, hence Power Bombcast.

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fucking finally. this was really awesome. i wish it was more than monthly.

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This is great.. Wresting is shit... But this is great!

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95% of what is been said is foreign to me, but I listened to it all anyway and I liked it.

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The IWC continues to be a prevalent problem in terms of wrestling critique; they are much of the problem with the wrestling game today, itself. Jeff played it well, the other guys were pretty damn guilty of the terrible woes that is the Internet Wrestling Community.

I love wrestling but, damn, I can't say that this was an easy listen at times. Overly-pretentious fans of wrestling these days just, like, man. They can really grate you. Respect for the industry and being smart about it doesn't really need to go down the route of near-pretentiousness. I disagree with a lot of what WWE has done, can, and will do: But man, they know their shit and audience more than fantasy bookers, truthfully.

It got way better near the end when it wasn't complaining, actually having a pretty good discussion about the video games of the company. I did like that part quite a bit.