Trainers with original starters?

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#1 Posted by Xtrminatr (280 posts) -

I wanted to try to get Squirtle and Charmander off of the GTS but don't have them registered to my pokedex. Are there any trainers that use the original starters so I am able to search for them on the GTS? Or is there some other way to register them?

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#2 Posted by Hizang (9358 posts) -
@Xtrminatr I haven't came across any yet, I be there not in the starting Pokedex.
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#3 Posted by Mousse_gallon (272 posts) -

I think you'll have to trade with someone by way of FCs (friend codes) I don't think you'll should have any problems getting the pokemon you want that way.

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#4 Posted by ssjdragonslayer (80 posts) -

Yea trading with someone through friend codes is your best bet. I wanna do the same but doesnt know anyone who has the orignal let alone plays pokemon ha.

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#5 Posted by xCompanionxCubex (163 posts) -

If this is still valid i can probably get you a starter for whatever gen you need?

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