Can you catch all the legendary pokemon in Black/White?

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Beyond the black white exclusive cover dudes.
I mean like giratina, zapdos, metwo and mew?

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  No.  You have to get them from the Gen. IV games.

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Trade only

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Thanks. So to own EVERY pokemon, not just the legendaries, I would have to own platinum, heartgold and soulsilver? Would i still be missing some?

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You'd have also had to get the legendaries during giveaways. Celebi was up just the other week in gamestops. Mew was being given away months ago.  Manaphy was only in the Ranger game? And Jirachi and Deoxys giveaways were ages ago.  That's just off the top of my head. 
Getting them all is a goal for crazy people.
EDIT:  For the record, I did 'get them all' when Diamond came out. All 490 that were available in the US at that time. I had 180 hours in Diamond, and 70+ hours in both FireRed and Ruby and 50 hours in Emerald.  Catching them all is a SICKNESS.  In my defense, I was unemployed at the time.

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