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    Pokémon Channel

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Dec 01, 2003

    Watch fake television shows featuring pokémon and play mini games with Pikachu.

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    Pokémon Channel is a very unique game in or out of the Pokémon universe. The game takes place in a world inhabited exclusively by pokémon, with the exception of you, the player. There is no objective to the game, and the only control you have over what goes on is your floating hand. It begins in a house, where you will meet Pikachu. Pikachu will be your main source of primary interaction in this world, and he/she will respond to your different actions. While inside, there are a variety of things to do. Mainly however, the game centers around your TV. It is there that you will find various programs that you can watch as well as interact with. There are game shows to watch and earn money in, shopping shows to spend the money for items in your home, entertainment channels, weather channels, news channels, stretching channels, and many more of them continue to unlock as time progresses in the game.

    You can buy different items and whatnot for your room, such as posters, games, or a bigger TV. You are not just limited to your room, however. You may choose to go outside, where you will first encounter your backyard. It is here where various pokémon will be interact-able via Pikachu. You can also obtain bus passes in order to catch the bus to take you to certain locations in the game to interact with other pokémon or just to explore. Along the way, Pikachu will find various items hidden in your adventures, and interact with many different and unique pokémon.

    There is also a whole card collection which you can obtain either from buying packs on the TV or from going outside to find them. Each pokémon you meet will ask you about a question about itself with 3 answers to choose. If you answer correctly then you will get a card of that pokémon. However, collecting the cards does not unlock anything further except larger folders for your card collection.

    Overall, there is no real premise to the game other than a simple relaxing stay in the Pokémon World.


    Professor Oak: The channel to save you progress.

    Pichu Brothers: A short cartoon based on two Pichus who meet with their friends and want to go to a party. This channel is split into many parts and the next part of the story is unlocked once you have watched all of the new channels. It is also possible to change the language on this channel to Japanese for those interested.

    Pokémon Flash news: This is a channel where Psyduck introduces the news whilst meowth interviews certain pokémon. Sadly, the news on this channel does not have much of an effect on what is happening outside of your room.

    Shop 'N Squirtle: This channel, along with Quiz Wobbuffet, is the most interesting channel in the game. Here, you can buy various objects in a similar style to those on actual television. The Squirtle will show off 3 items per show and you can order them. The objects you can buy consist of objects for your room such as different styles of television, new pokémon mini games and posters. You can also buy packs of cards for your collection. After buying the object, it will take some time to arrive and a Delibird will deliver them.

    Quiz Wobbuffet: This is a channel where a Wobbuffet asks three different pokémon questions about the pokémon world. They consist of multiple choice questions, name that pokémon sound and a game where only a small amount of a pokémon is shown and they have to guess. The real advantage to this show is the ability to answer questions during the break to get more money. This money then allows you to buy the things for your room.

    Smoochum Shape-up: Smoochum's Shape-up is a fitness channel where smoochum exercises and motivates you to exercise as well. The Pikachu watching the screen exercises if you zoom out whilst the show is on and tends to get angry if you turn it off.

    SlowPoke's weather report: A Slowpoke tells the weather. This does actually change the weather outside and can mean different pokémon will appear.

    Eggzamination: Hatch up!: This is a channel where you watch an egg hatch. You can bet money on what pokémon is in the egg but it doesn't seem as good as the channel "Quiz Wobbufet".

    Mareep Farm: The screen counts Mareep as they jump over a fence. If you zoom out then you can see Pikachu getting sleepy.

    Smeargle's Art Study: A Smeargle talks about the Pictures in your room.

    Chansey's Fortune Cookie: A Chansey shows you five fortunes cookies and you can choose one. You may only choose once a day.

    Chum Chum ranking: A Smoochum gives some statistics chosen from random. This channel can be a little interesting since at the end, some statistics about the player are given also.

    Odd one out: Oddishes run onto the screen from different angles and you have to guess odd or even for the number of Oddishes. If you guess right then you get points. It can be entertaining, but is not a dead certain way to get money.

    Obtaining Jirachi

    One of the main appeals to buying this side game is the ability to obtain the legendary Pokémon Jirachi. During the generation of Pokémon games that came out at the same time as the Gamecube (AKA Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire), this was the only way to get it and was only obtainable by finishing the short main story.

    It is only possible to get one Jirachi for each time you finish the game but finishing the game multiple times can mean multiple Jirachis. In the Current 5th generation games it is still possible (though a little time consuming) to put Jirachi into a Pokémon Black or White game using this method. You would have to complete the game, Put the Jirachi into Ruby or Sapphire and then transport it to a Diamond or Pearl game to finally move it to the 5th generation game.

    Pokemon Mini

    Pokemon Channel features many Pokemon Mini games emulated on to the game.


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