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Pokémon Eggs are the offspring from two Pokémon of the same egg group or with a Pokémon and a Ditto. They can be created by the Pokémon in question and picked up in any Pokémon Daycare by the staffer sitting outside. If the trainer accepts the Pokémon egg when it's offered by said staffer, then the trainer claims its ownership (however, the staffer doesn't know how said eggs got there in the first place, as always stated whenever it happens). The trainer can either store eggs in any Pokemon Center's PC box and save it for later or carry it around the region until there are enough steps for the egg to hatch into a Pokémon. These eggs cannot be traded off or transferred and they can also appear as a "shiny" version.

Egg Groups

Pokémon egg groups are the sections of Pokémon that can breed (or not). Only two Pokémon of the same group can be able to breed and lay eggs. It is noted that most Pokémon happen to carry two egg groups within their species.

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