Pokemon Go Friend Codes Thread

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#201 Edited by Isknisark (56 posts) -

Just getting back into the game and looking for people to send gifts/trade.

Code is 1225 4709 3962

Name is Isknisark.

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#202 Posted by BisonHero (11585 posts) -

@isknisark: A reminder that trading only works if you're physically within about 100m of each other. However, gifts can be sent and received no matter where the players are.

Also, I think your friend code has a mistake. I tried to add it but it wasn't a valid code.

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#203 Posted by Isknisark (56 posts) -

Fixed the code, thanks for the heads up!

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#207 Edited by samuraigarrin (123 posts) -

I just got a "follow 3 new friends" research task, so it's finally time for me to get social with this game!


4259 4468 8120

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#208 Posted by StrengthTurfer (2 posts) -

6845 3264 0971 Looking to add some people - New Zealand based! Thanks team!

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#209 Posted by BigRedHouse (2 posts) -

Getting back in. I’m Chicagoland based and have gifts to give.

6993 6454 2477


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#212 Posted by NarficAcid (121 posts) -

I finally stopped resisting the call of this game, and I’m pleasantly surprised how active it sill is.

My code is: 0560 8941 4487

Name is Snorky1929

Happy hunting, duders!

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#213 Posted by SlayerRusta (1 posts) -

Add me. Daily player 2416 9724 8178

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#214 Posted by dillon217 (15 posts) -

Just got back into this game and it's got its hooks in me pretty hard! I lost my old account and had to start over but I'm playing pretty frequently and making good progress. I'd love to trade gifts with other duders. There's a PokeStop at work so I have a surplus. 4576-8199-3169

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#215 Edited by Deryq (1 posts) -

Hello all, every day player here.. will also consistently gift you every day, too. Holler at me, i look forward to being your ultra friend... forever... and ever... and ever...

trainer code: 7784 8599 3638 - trainer name: allblitzz

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#216 Posted by pamsteropolous (3 posts) -

I am in Ontario, Canada.

Code: 0141 7543 6808

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#217 Posted by brunomafioletti (22 posts) -

Hello folks, looking forward to exchange gifts and trade some pokémon with yall. I live in south america so if anyone wants a heracross im your friend.

9785 3748 7762

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#218 Edited by shawnaniganns (14 posts) -

I'm a daily player who just recently got back into the game. Maryland based.

1102 4211 2116

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#219 Posted by Bustle (4 posts) -

I've recently got back into the game the last week or so here. Will gift daily.

1444 6795 1943

My id is GetBustled

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#220 Posted by ShottyBae (0 posts) -

My trainer code is 5665 5109 2020

I play daily and will try my hardest to send gifts back regularly <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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#221 Edited by Savanna97 (1 posts) -

4764 8669 7652

Add me! Will send gifts as often as I can.

Looking to make friends from all over the world!

From the UK

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#222 Posted by davin344 (1 posts) -

Add me!

1533 3445 0951

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#223 Edited by FloBeschte (1 posts) -

My Trainer Code ist:

7527 2628 4148

Bin aktiv

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#224 Posted by MandyMeika (1 posts) -

8494 8928 4057 Add me, I like new friends ;)

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#225 Posted by XcL (169 posts) -

My Code: 8262 0163 0754

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#226 Posted by KiriNero (1 posts) -

Hey 6 accounts looking for friends. We try to be active everyday. Please add. Thank you.







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#227 Posted by CardboardAndy (3 posts) -

One of the new tasks is "Make a new friend" Add me if you would like:

9955 2850 7155

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#228 Posted by skyline7284 (713 posts) -

In need of more friends:

0087 8916 0240

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#229 Posted by Herbeux (12 posts) -

7665 2238 0670

I will send gifts and accept them too ^^

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#230 Posted by taytertot1996 (3 posts) -

hey yall add me and my bf. his codes 1950 7951 6358. my codes 0162 2525 2718

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#231 Posted by ClintDriftwood (41 posts) -

Here's my friend code too, based in NE England

7263 8035 8319

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#232 Posted by Slax (1122 posts) -

Here is mine! Feel free to add, have gifts burning a hole in my pocket (bag).

3750 1015 2227

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#233 Posted by phoenix6153 (76 posts) -

Can’t believe I’m doing this! Thanks Jan!!

8594 8849 9398

User: Phoenix6153

Need some friends for the quests

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#234 Posted by Leosol (75 posts) -

I need active players to exchange gifts with. Fell free to add me.

9485 1406 3675

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#235 Posted by Xtrminatr (282 posts) -

0700 2685 2496

I have tons of gifts to give out!

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