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Golden 8

We've been subject to Pokémon games for a long time. Many people never got beyond Pokémon Red and Blue as by time Gold and Silver came out, Pokémon had been overexposed and was considered pretty lame. That's really too bad, because Gold and Silver were probably the pinnacle of the Pokémon games, truly worthwhile sequels that felt superior in every way to it's predecessor. More than a decade later, we receive the remake, and it is truly everything I dreamt it would be.  The story is pretty much t...

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The Definitive Pokemon Experience 2

It isn't often that a single game can shape an entire generation. For some, it was Pac Man or Pong. For others it might have been Super Mario Bros. or The Legend of Zelda. I grew up when Pokemon was that game. We were the target demographic, the legions of Pokemaniacs who would eat up every bit of merchandising, rave about the cartoon, and spend all of our parent's money in the process. Looking back however, I realize how many left their experience after Red and Blue, never venturing past their ...

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Pokemon SoulSilver Review 0

Pokemon SoulSilver as well as HeartGold are remakes of pokemon games Silver and Gold. This time around you will find that there's an accessory to go along with the regular pokemon action, and that that accessory can change the landscape of the game. As always we're talking about a game where you're going to be collecting creatures called Pokemon in a 3rd person top down view. You'll have to challenge gym leaders for badges to increase your powers and control over higher leveled Pokemon. You'll a...

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Nostalgia with a hint of change 0

I have the memory of a gold fish. When I was eight, I could tell you maybe five things that I remembered, if that. But one of those things I can guarantee is my memory of playing Gold version every single day for almost a year.  I indeed had collected them all, and had the "ultimate" team. I could beat all of my friends, I was the man at that game. Many other versions and updates have come since those Gameboy Color days, to the hardware and the franchise, but I will always have Gold version stuc...

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Great remakes of great games 0

The game The gameplay is pretty standard for a Pokémon game, you run around a crazy fantasy world collecting monsters called Pokémon using them to battle other collectors (or trainers, as they are often called). You will also be required to complete some fairly easy puzzles. The battles are turn-based, and players can switch between any Pokémon in their party. This is where the strategy comes in, as some pokémen are weak against certain types and vice-versa.The game starts with you choosing betw...

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review of an import copy of Heart Gold 0

     The Pokémon Games have often been criticized for not changing and being stagnant.  While this is true to some degree,  there have been enough changes to the new pokemon games that they feel very different from the first games, especially for people who may have stopped playing the series.  Heart Gold and Soul Silver are remakes of the Gameboy classic Pokémon Gold and Silver, which I reviewed a long time ago.  You can find my review here:

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A good game that is thirsty for change. 0

     Nintendo and Gamefreak announced that they'are remaking their hit Gameboy RPG Pokemon Silver/Gold in late 2007, since then the remakes have been the most anticipated handheld game since the re-release of ChronoTrigger also released in late 2007.        Pokemon Silver (I'm going to shorten abbreviate it to just Silver here on out for the sake of time) has all the original content, Pokemon and of course music that still stands the test of time ten after it was introduced. Soulsilver also intr...

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Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver Review 0

It’s pretty clear that Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver were simply made to hold us over until the big launch that was Pokémon Black and White. Yet the re-scripted classic GameBoy color versions of Pokémon Gold and Silver bring many new, exciting features to the franchise, and it wouldn’t be fair to say that this is just a remake of a ten year-old adventure.The game reuses the same 3D platform as Pokémon Pearl, Diamond, and Platinum, bringing the old life of Johto back to life using up pretty m...

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HeartGold and SoulSilver are amazing remakes 0

HeartGold and SoulSilver are remakes of 10 year old games, and are justified using elements and graphics from the DS games from the series. You will take control of your character and collect all 16 badges and catch them all.  From the start up of each of these games, you will notice it looks pretty much the same, just a lot prettier and in 3Dish graphics, and better translation. You will be able to obtain the same Pokemon from the original games, and including the starters. You will battle vari...

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Pokemon Soul Silver, The gangs all together again. 1

 Krinkles, Support Tank.   Hi, my name is Unseen Grub, and I am a twenty three year old Pokemaniac. My love for the series runs deep. From the classic Red and Blue for the Game Boy, to Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum for the Nintendo DS. Between those games, I bought every add on for the Nintendo 64 and Gamecube that would allow me to import my murderbeasts into the Pokemon Stadium series of games. So if what I write comes off pretty biased, I am not sorry.  Baroness, Pinch Hitter. At its ...

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There is only one good Gen. II starter 0

The last Pokemon game I played was Ruby version and the GBA. After that, I didn't really have any interest to "catch them all" again in the new Diamond/Pearl/Platinum (also, the pocket monsters on the box looked really dumb). But due to a friend's constant bickering, I promised him that I would pick up a copy of Soul Silver. And, thankfully, it's not as monotonous as I had imagined.   For one, this game serves as great nostalgia, while adding in new features that work well. One of the selling po...

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Was it good? 0

I have to say that I've only played Soul Silver, so maybe I can't make a full review but I thought it was okay. It seemed to just to be a newer version of Crystal. The graphics were cute, that was the only real difference I saw and the Pokemon. I worked my up through the game and I was bored, I think it may have been possible to make it better. For instance, instead of making it the same old story line for Crystal why not change it a bit. The makers may have wanted to let everyone see Crystal in...

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One of the most sublime experiences in gaming, remade. 0

 I remember like it happened yesterday, a cloudy day, a little rain might had poured, a special program about children with cancer on the TV, people going crazy on the streets because of the elections, but none of that really had my attention, the only thing I could think of was about the new Pokemon for the Game Boy Color. Oh yes, hundreds of hours down the toilet and I was up for more, I was up to waste a much bigger chunk of my life holding that tiny green electronic thingy with a screen. I a...

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A Great Pokemon game but an average game 0

I myself, completely biased and self centered and all that bad stuff, would give this review a 4/5 maybe even a 4.5/5 I've always had a soft spot for pokemon, even though I've "outgrown" it and what not. My love for this recent installment is possibly due to the fact that I didn't play the games for a few years and therefore don't feel the pokemon gaming fatigue some people may now have. Thankfully I found this game fun regardless and found myself reminiscing about the old days of middle school ...

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pokemon heart gold review 1

its a very good pokemon game,a must buy for hardcore pokemon gamers. the gym leaders give you a hard challenge sometimes. i got stuck on the 5th gym leader and had to train my pokemon. oh and btw if you have pokemon diamond or pearl trade me leafeon for any of my pokemon exept my starter....

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A Wonderful Remaster of An Amazing Game 0

The first two generations of Pokemon will always have a special place in my heart. They hit me at the exact right age and I played them endlessly. My two choices were Pokemon Red and Pokemon Silver, in both cases I chose the fire-type starter. Everyone knows those games and what they're about so I don't need to elaborate. They were exactly what I wanted and needed. They also served as a great and clear continuation of a story that culminates with the pinnacle of Pokemon battles. Everything abou...

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Pokemon Soul Silver Review 0

Some reviews are hard to muster, some take you some time to think about what you are watching/playing and what the positives and negatives are in the media you are reviewing. When reviewing a game like Pokemon Soul Silver, this really isn't a problem considering the history I have with the franchise. I played Pokemon Red/Blue when I was a kid and afterward went on to Gold/Silver, then to Ruby/Sapphire, then to Diamond/Pearl. I have played every main game in the Pokemon.    So from my years of ex...

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