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Pokémon Picross is a free-to-start game on the Nintendo 3DS which puts a coat of Pokémon paint over a Picross game.


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The game consists of puzzles that the player completes in order to progress. Each puzzle is a grid-based canvas that needs to filled in by the player. The player has the option to either shade the area or mark it as an X, similarly to Minesweeper. When the puzzle is complete, it reveals some pixel art.

The player can also use Pokémon and their special abilities to help fill in squares and make the puzzle somewhat easier.

The game operates on an energy meter. Filling in squares depletes the energy meter, which can then be restored by either waiting or using a currency called Picrites.


The game uses a currency called Picrites which can be either earned by doing in-game challenges or purchased using real money. Picrites let you fill your energy meter, upgrade your energy meter (so that you can fill in more squares before you have to wait) and unlock new areas.


Abilities are based on the standard (mostly elemental) Pokémon types, and are organized as follows:

Auto Fix - Grass

Using this ability fixes a random selection of mistakes made on filled-in squares.

Auto Fix X - Steel

Using this ability fixes a random selection of mistakes made on filled-in 'X's.

Blue Force - Water/Ice

Using this ability highlights rows and/or columns in blue which have possible moves. This essentially applies an algorithmic 'guide' for completing the puzzle, if all aspects of Picross logic are considered when a row or column is marked. However, it will not tell the player whether the filled-in cells are correct or not, only which may be played upon, based on the existing moves made.

Cross Reveal - Fire

Using this ability fills in a vertical/horizontal 'cross' of cells.

Diamond Reveal - Fairy

Using this ability fills in a diamond-shaped grouping of cells.

Freeze Time - Ghost/Psychic

Using this ability freezes the game's timer for a set period of time.

Hyper Scan - Flying/Bug/Fighting

Using this ability confirms to the player whether or not all filled-in cells have been done so correctly.

Rising Reveal - Normal

Using this ability fills in a vertical slice of cells.

Scatter Reveal - Dark

Using this ability fills in random, scattered cells across the puzzle.

Slash Reveal - Rock/Ground

Using this ability fills in a horizontal slice of cells.

Slow Time - Electric

Using this ability slows the game's timer and, depending on the Pokémon's skill level, will stack with other abilities, slowing their countdown timers as well.

Square Reveal - Dragon

Using this ability fills in a square-shaped grouping of cells.


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