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Still play it today

Pokemon is a game that you should definetly check out this game if you dont know what game to buy on the game-boy.

Game play This game is a fun RPG game for the game boy i think this is the best game you can get. I still play this game every day even know i have other consoles. In this game you can get allot of pokemon's and you get them stronger, after you beat this game you'd want to beat this game again because its so good and it never gets boring. You can explore in a big pokemon world with challenging boss's. The things thats annoying about this game is that when you walk in a certain kind of grass there's always challenger's that are apearing and you always have to close the screen. I dont really watch the ''Pokemon'' Episodes on tv but after i beated this game i watch it every day. Sometimes when you play you can get lost so sometimes you have to go back and explore the map.

Value : This game is worth playing and worth buying this game i think you should buy this game if you have a game boy color or game boy advance.

Graphics I think the graphics are fine for a game boy game but if you have a game boy advance Sp i think you'll see the real good graphics for

this game.

Sound The music is cool its the real music from the tv episodes and the best music is when you're challenging an opponent.

I reccomend this game for every one if you think this game is lame its not true this game is revolutionary and its the best RPG game available for the game boy color and Game boy advance.

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