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The original pokemon

Theres nothing like picking up a gameboy and playing one of the 3  orginal pokemon games. They are by far some  the  greatest games ever made and some of the most popular. The orginals are much better than the pokemon coming out these days. If you ask me  the pokemon games coming out around  now are crap! The last good  ones were Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green because they are basically the orginals with a little extra added to the game.Thats the same with the show to. The orginals were good  now the new  crap that they are coming out with is horrible. They shud have just stuck with the orginal 150 pokemon. But  the Ruby and Saphire verisons isent that bad but they  dont come close to being as fun as the Yellow Blue Red Silver Gold and Crystall verisons. And one more thing, The Crystall verison is also very good and isent really any different from the gold and silver verisons execpt for the legendary dogs.

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