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Pokémon Sword Could Have Used 'Sharpen' 0

Pokémon Sword is a video game that has a ton of ambition but never sticks the landing. Everything from the Wild Area, to Dynamaxing/Gigantamaxing, and gyms just feel stiff and poorly implemented.The game's opening does a great job of setting up the word and its characters and does an even better job at setting up the drive behind your character's dream at becoming the Champion. However, the pacing of setting up the context, story, and overall characters, and their ambitions, is pretty ab...

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Pokemon Sword: A bit dull. 0

Cutting the roster isn't what leaves this game feeling incomplete.(Progress: Main Story complete.)When Pokemon Sun and Moon hit, the number one thing that stood out to me was the translation of the anime's charm and expressiveness to a 3D environment. Pokemon Sword and Shield seems to have taken that concept and dropped the ball. What starts out as a promising look into Galar's unique western scenery and monster design doesn't hold up throughout the course of the game and at times, can leave you...

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A Disappointing Entry in a Series Going the Wrong Way 0

With the recent release of the Crown Tundra in Pokémon Sword and Shield, all of the DLC is now out. Given the occasion, it’s time I compiled my thoughts on the games as a whole. I’ll start with what I like about them. This won’t take long, as Sword and Shield left a lot to be desired.Most of the pros of Sword and Shield come from things that returned from previous entries in the franchise. Some of these features were things removed in Sun and Moon, and some are things fr...

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