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    Pokémon Trozei!

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Mar 06, 2006

    Pokémon Trozei is a puzzle game based on the Pokémon universe.

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    Pokémon Trozei is a Nintendo DS puzzle game developed by Genius Sonority and published by Nintendo. The goal is to match falling Pokémon to each other: when you link four Pokemon in a row, they will disappear and you will get points. Ditto acts as a wildcard; counting as any Pokémon. 
    Pokémon are caught by linking them once. The 386 Pokémon from before the fourth generation appear in the game including the legandaries.


    Adventure mode

    The game's story mode. You play as Lucy Lightfoot, an agent of the Secret Operation League. Your goal is to save all the Pokémon from the evil Phobos Army.

    Endless mode

    Try to get as many points as you can in this mode, there are no limits!

    Battle mode

    Play against a friend via local Wi-Fi.

    Pair Mode

    Play with a friend via local Wi-Fi. Plays like Endless mode, but with two players.

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