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    Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Oct 03, 2005

    A Pokemon RPG focusing on the purification of Shadow Pokemon, focusing on XD001, or Shadow Lugia.

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    Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness is a stripped down Pokémon adventure for the Gamecube. Unlike its handheld counterparts it’s not open world, instead giving you a map to fast travel between towns and cities. Another big change in the Pokémon formula is that Pokémon XD uses double battles almost exclusively. The biggest difference between XD and other Pokémon games is how you  catch Pokémon. Instead of random encounters in tall grass you must bait traps to find wild Pokémon, or you can “snag” shadow Pokémon from rival trainers.

    XD-001, A.K.A. Shadow Lugia.
    XD-001, A.K.A. Shadow Lugia.

    Shadow  Pokémon have had their hearts closed off by Team Cipher and can’t use any of their standard attacks. You unlock their hearts by putting them in a purification chamber with regular  Pokémon  surrounding them and making them listen to music. The order of the surrounding  Pokémon determines the tempo of the purification, the faster the tempo the quicker the heart is unlocked.

    Shadow Pokemon and Moves

    In XD, there are almost twice as many shadow pokemon as compared to Colosseum. The shadow moves have been expanded from one to a sizeable amount, and are listed as follows;

    Shadow Moves


    • This game has a total of 388 different Pokemon, unlike its 3rd generation counterparts, it has Munchlax and Bonsly, 2 fourth generation Pokemon available in the game, although only the latter is available for battling.

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