Flareon Move Set

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I was just curious if any bothered evolving a Flareon to see if they finally gave it some decent moves. I'm trying to get to it now but it's taking me a while.

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According to Serebii, Flareon still seems pretty limited in its moveset.

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Serebii says Flareon learns Flare Blitz now, which I think is pretty significant.

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Like SpaceBoat said, he learns Flare Blitz now, which always seemed like a no brainer. It's one of the only decent physical fire moves. Though I'm quite certain he doesn't have the bulk to pull it off. He still doesn't have shit for coverage, though people haven't discovered egg moves yet so that might change things. Most of Eevee's evolutions have limited movepools.

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Flareon has pretty good special defense, but I don't think it has the speed to pull off much, even with Flare Blitz. You're right about it's other defensive stats though. I don't think it will last long either way, with such low HP.

But hey, if you're a fan of Flareon, or want to use one in the single player, as least it has a STAB attack that uses its (much higher) attack stat. Something that isn't just Flame Charge.

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#6 Posted by Chemystery (348 posts) -

According to Serebii, Flareon still seems pretty limited in its moveset.

Ack. I didn't even think to actually check. Thanks to everyone for all the useful advice!

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