How to get money and levels quick!

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Fair warning, I don't suggest doing this because you'll end up way over powered and steamroll through a section of the game, but nevertheless there is a pretty quick method to boost your Pokebucks and your Pokelevels for the midgame and all you need is full access to Lumiose City and $15,000 Pokebucks.

In Lumiose City there are restaurants that serve as battle places because it's Pokemon and you can't enjoy a nice French meal without having to beat the wait staff and the chefs. The restaurant you want is the two star, Le Yeah which can be found by going down the first street when taking a left out of the North Avenue Pokecenter.

Le Yeah has two options, triple battle and rotation battle. Pick triple.

Now comes a series of four battles with each opponent having Pokemon at level 31.

Battle 1: Sigilyph, Emolga, Mantine

Battle 2: Dugtrio, Pidgeot, Shuckle

Battle 3: Three Zangooses (Zangeese?)

Battle 4: Simipour, Simisear, Simisage

With every battle you're going to be getting about 1,100 exp per Pokemon you take out, more if your using a traded Pokemon. It might not seem like much, but it adds up really quickly and it only takes about three minutes, depending on if the A.I. uses Protect all the time. I went into one of them with a level 40 bunch and now I have them at level 60 after only an hour and a half or so. You're bound to have your whole party level up during the course of the battles. Possibly even multiple times.

After winning your battles you are given about 12 to 14 Big Mushrooms. You want these. Take these to a store and sell them. You'll get around 30k Pokebucks to add to your winnings from the four battles. It might not seem like much of a profit, but you can easily leave with 100k+ in pretty much no time at all. Using the Reward Money O-Power will also increase profit from the battles.

It might not be the ultimate fastest method, but it is a method to consider if you're having trouble with a gym or something, or if you just want to buy that 200,000 outfit at the Lumiose boutique. Try it some time. Or don't. It's up to you how you do your Pokemaning.

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Add Amulet Coin to that and you're golden.

I find myself way overlevelled anyway because I spend so much time in each area catching stuff.

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Thought you were gonna mention something about earning 80k by working from home.

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I earned some easy money early on by doing super training. If you max EVs (and probably medal in all 3 difficulties) you unlock more challenges that reward items. I think the worst prize is usually stardust but I also got stat wings and evolutionary stones, including a moon stone. Sold the dust and wings, kept the stones.

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Wait, so they added trainers you can continually grind against? THAT'S AWESOME! Now I wish I brought my 3DS to work.

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Is it repeatable? I'm still early and want some money.

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Thought you were gonna mention something about earning 80k by working from home.

Funny you should mention that, because just the other day my cousin told me about etc etc...

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@galiant said:

Add Amulet Coin to that and you're golden.

I find myself way overlevelled anyway because I spend so much time in each area catching stuff.

Exp. Share has guaranteed I am overlevelled everywhere I go, I just one-shot every gym leader's Pokemon. Whereas in Black I fought every trainer and still felt underlevelled. I kinda like it, although I see no reason to ever do something like this.

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At the risk of sounding like one of those dicks who claims "You're not playing it right!" this seems like a pretty good way to ruin the game for yourself.

If you really want to trivialize the difficulty curve, remove every pokemon from your party except the starter, pick moves that give him the best type coverage you can, add the legendary when you get him, and use items liberally.

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Good to know if I get in a grind. Zing!

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Just when I was thinking how in the hell will I be able to afford a t-shirt that costs 12,000 Pokebux. I'll take full advantage of this in the post-game. I must have all of the clothes.

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@redyoshi: I've been buying and using potions, revives, etc more than I have in any other Pokemon game, and I still have well over 250,000 pokebucks just past gym 7. I haven't abused anything and in fact I still have a bunch of items I could sell.

If you're really hard up for cash, do wonder trades until you have a few thousand pokemiles, turn on game sync and use them in the pokemile store on (because everything is at least 50% cheaper there) then sell the items.

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I've been spending most of my time catching Pokemon and breeding 'em for the GTS/Wonder Trade. My Pokedex is at like... 200 entries and I don't even have my 4th badge yet. Recently EV-trained Goomy & Ralts so they're ready to join me on the next leg of my adventure.

Uh, this game is probably my GoTY.

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@brent: Thanks for the tip, I completely forgot about that Global LInk thing, I should get one set up.

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I don't suppose you know if the $3k battles when you first get to Luminose city are worth doing as well?

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@calophi: I don't think I battled in Luminose City at all the first time I went there and my pokemon are generally 10-15 levels above every trainer I fight now (just before Gym 8) thanks to the EXP share, and like I said before, I use healing items in this game way more than I did in any game previous in the series and still have lots of cash-money. The Wonder Trade for Pokemiles strategy can also net you Rare Candies, MooMoo Milks, Full Revives, Max Potions, and Full Restores if you want or need them

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I'll keep that in mind. I'm still early in the game and absolutely hate having to decide on Pokeballs and potions.

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This was very useful place for getting money and getting some levels.

@calophi said:

I don't suppose you know if the $3k battles when you first get to Luminose city are worth doing as well?

It pretty similar but it doesn't last too long after level 30 and the pay isn't as great.

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I've been leveling my pokemon for evolution purposes (filling out the pokedex) using the three star restaurants rotation battle (initial cost of 100,000 but you make money at the end as long as you win the battles). Basically put your strongest pokemon in front and have him equipped with a lucky egg, then fill your party with low level pokemon. The two other low level pokemon that flank yours in the rotation mode cant be hit unless u rotate them in but earn exp as if they were actually in the battle, and the others get the lucky egg exp bonus with the exp share turned on.

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I don't know if this is more efficient XP or not for postgame level grinding to fill the Pokedex, but the method I found is super easy. I have access to a normal friend safari with an Audino and only one other Pokemon. Using lucky egg and the Pokemon-Amie bonus, I'm getting about 3000 per kill, and 500 if I get the other one. The EXP level 3 O-power doubles that, but obviously you can't sustain that for very long. EXP share gives 50% to the other 5. I haven't touched the restaurants though, maybe they're still better.

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The best things are to

Hold the Amulet Coin

Use the O-Powers

Defeat the E4 continuesly

Battle in the Restaurents (I suggest the two star restaurant)

Do these like 6 to 9 times and you're done!

I did this and now i have 790,000,000 Pokedollars

Hope this helped!

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