I haven't bought/seriously played since FireRed/LeafGreen

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... and X and Y are seriously drawing me back in. What the hell? I was in fourth grade when Red and Blue came out and that's all I played. And here I am, with a job and a daughter, and I'm considering buying the new Pokemon on Sunday.

That's really crazy to me, that this series has been this long lasting.

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#2 Posted by DarthOrange (4178 posts) -

I also have not played a Pokemon since Fire Red. This seems like the perfect time to jump back in.

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#3 Posted by RavenousJoker (51 posts) -

I have not missed a generation yet.

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Pokemon is still a solid series.

Ain't ever too old for some Pokemon

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#5 Posted by Nefarious_Al (233 posts) -

I've never played a Pokemon game. I'm gameflyin' X.

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#6 Posted by Turtlebird95 (3618 posts) -

I've seen a lot of people jumping back into Pokemon with X and Y. Welcome back!

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#7 Posted by Chaser324 (8080 posts) -

Yep, I'm a grown ass adult, and for some reason I've decided that now is the time to finally play one of these Pokemon games. There's a lot of hype and excitement floating around in the Twittersphere and forums, and I want to get in on that action.

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I think this is probably the game to play. The updated graphics has kinda gotten me excited about this game. I own one game of each generation and I think the last one I played to a point of trying to "catch them all" was Platinum. I'm getting funny nostalgic feelings when playing this one, I couldn't say the same when playing through Soulsilver, pokemon white, and pokemon black 2. Well I kinda lied I couldn't finish White or Black 2 probably cause I felt the nintendo burnt out feeling.

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