Pokemon Bank brings the rain/reign of hacked pokemon.

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So, obviously hacked pokemon are not a new thing. They've been around for a long time. But now with pokemon bank, all the hacked pokemon of older generations can be brought forward (despite that I'm sure I heard someone claim that the bank had specific ways to detect such...). Or maybe hacks have been found out for the new games too by now.

Before Y, I didn't even care to examine traded pokemon at all. I wasn't into breeding, it was just to fill pokedex. And really, even now I don't care about breeding aside from some OCDness. I'm never going to 'compete'. But, entirely not coincidentally I suspect, as soon as the bank came out (and since I was now paying attention) I started noticing the hacks. Here's my stories:

First, it turns out I myself ported a hacked pokemon up from Pearl. I've already forgotten what it was, but since I was checking all the ported pokemon's IVs, it immediately stood out: all IVs the same, but not maximum and in a master ball. Pretty much the obvious standard for hacked pokemon.

The second turned up a short while later while I was wondertrading a bunch of leftovers from breeding. This one was a Mightyena, similarly equal but not maxed IVs, master ball and also just to finish the picture, level 100.

And then we come to maybe the most hacked of all... I was sticking some decently IVed pokemon in the GTS and asking for legendaries (as you do), and I've now got:

A level 1, shiney, all max IVs, pokerus, masterball Dialga.

So... good going on that hack protection I guess heh.

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I believe Pokebank checks against hacked Pokemon that are not legitimate. For example, a Keldeo with Giga Drain or something. I think that from the way that a Pokemon is generated and stored in memory there is no way to check the legitimacy of a generated Pokemon other than to validate if the bytes line up with what is legal for said Pokemon. So yes, generated Pokemon are a thing and I don't think Nintendo will ever be able to prevent previous generation Pokegen'ed Pokemon from coming over via Bank. They may have added extra measures for Generation 6 but I'm sure that someone will be able to decipher the algorithm that Gamefreak has employed.

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@fragor87: I've heard the same. It checks legitimacy but not for hacks. At this point I'm not sure Nintendo has the know how or the desire to really stop the hacks. It's a bit of a bummer but I guess it is just part of the meta game at this point.

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Personally, as long as the pokemon aren't boosted to have unnatural stats or moves, they don't really bother me. I mean you could argue that hacking for shinies really devalues what a shiny is, but digital rarity is dumb to begin with.

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