Best Pokemon Spin-Off Game or Series?

Posted by liquiddragon (3162 posts) 28 days, 4 hours ago

Poll: Best Pokemon Spin-Off Game or Series? (51 votes)

Stadium 12%
Trading Card Game 14%
Pinball 14%
Mystery Dungeon 8%
Ranger 6%
Rumble 0%
Hey You, Pikachu! 2%
Snap 39%
GO 2%
Poll 4%

Man, Pokemon had some great spin-offs.

Trading Card Game and Pinball I love you both but Pokemon Snap is an all time classic.

#1 Posted by Rigas (766 posts) -

Snap is the only option for the spin-offs. Nothing comes close.

#2 Posted by Naoiko (1672 posts) -

Not gonna lie, I'm torn between the trading card game, pinball, and snap.

#3 Posted by imhungry (1078 posts) -

My first instinct was to go with Snap but if we're including the Colosseum games in the Stadium series then those probably push it to the top. For all the problems it had, Colosseum was an incredibly interesting branch for the series that I wish had been followed up more on.

#4 Posted by totsboy (487 posts) -

Snap, and it's not even close for me. I love TCG and also enjoyed GO a lot as a nostalgic experience, but Snap is such a different thing, immensely fun, and I played it in the year of our lord 2016.

#5 Posted by turboman (9686 posts) -

If it was a longer game, I'd go with SNAP, but the TCG is so much better than it has any right to be.

#6 Posted by liquiddragon (3162 posts) -

Ah, I forgot Detective Pikachu. Sry.

#7 Posted by A_Cute_Squirtle (887 posts) -

Both versions of Pokémon pinball were incredible. I’ve tried to visit the TGC GBC game a few times in the past few years, but it’s a pretty slow affair. I’d love a proper update to it, but we don’t get decent card games on platforms other than PC or mobile devices nowadays.

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#9 Edited by liquiddragon (3162 posts) -

@jayc4life: hmm, interesting. Crossovers are unique beasts but it should've been squeezed in here.

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