Interesting article: "Things you never noticed about pokemon"

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I stumbled upon this article via a GoNintendo and i was absolutely fascinated by all the interesting facts that are mentioned in it. I really suggest anyone who played some of the Pokemon games or is interested in the history of Game freak (the makers of the Pokemon games) to check it out. 
In the article you'll discover:

  • How Gamefreak's Pulseman (which is out on the virtual console by the way) is referenced to in the Pokemon games.
  • The grand picture of Goldenrod City's Gym
  • Some of the naming of Pokemon
  •   Venonat's identity problems
  • The numerical relation between Pikachu and Meowth 
  • What Hitmonchan has in common with Little Mac
  • The numbers of the legendary birds
  • How Pokemon's and Japan's regions are alike.  
  • And most shockingly why Cubone wears a skull on his head.

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That was a really interesting read.

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I never knew all that stuff until now. Thanks
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i knew some of that stuff. that was really awesome.

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god, i hate pokemon.

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Cool, dude. Thanks.

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Thanks for the article it was a great read.

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Wow, good read! I knew some of them already but it was good to find out about some more. Thanks!

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@SilverHammer said:
" Originally, Cubone was to evolve to Marowak, which in turn became Kangaskhan . They changed their minds late for some reason, and dtiched the evolution programming in blank space, by Cinnibar, and gave it a blank number. MissingNo.  That's why it (MissingNo.) can evolve to Kangaskhan. "
If that's true, that's really cool. I never got mine to evolve, but it wasn't for lack of trying...why, though, did it have such a messed up looking look it it?

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