New ideas for the Pokemon series

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I love my Pokemon games as much as the next guy, but I think the series needs some new gameplay mechanics/graphic updates. Here are my ideas: 
1) Utilize the 3DS 's increased graphical power to have an actual 3D game. The console enterings into the franchise haven't been as good as the handhelds, but giving the handheld series a graphical update beyond sprites on a background. 
2) A battle queue that shows who goes first in battle. 
3) A more mature storyline. I'm not talking swearing blood and tits kind of maturity. I mean a story where I actually care about the characters. 
Your thoughts?

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#2 Posted by Nixtwix (47 posts) -

1. Not gonna buy 3DS, so no.
2. I don't know what that means.
3. It's for kids, so no.

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#3 Posted by KarlPilkington (2810 posts) -

Surely the order of how you place them in your team is the battle order?

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#4 Posted by comrademcpherson (53 posts) -
@Chabbs0: I mean, like a console JRPG system. Think Persona 3, where the order of attack is listed. 
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#5 Posted by ryanwho (12011 posts) -

Mature story huh. Look that this kid here. 
The game has 3 on 3 battles so it stands to reason everything is being rebalanced to accommodate that. I'd be fine if they only added 50 new pokes a game and left out the extra stupid designs.

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#6 Posted by GunslingerPanda (5164 posts) -

The story's fine. You're not supposed to care about the character; you ARE the character.
It would seriously suck if they tried to do a more in-depth storyline. I think the original was fine: you're trying to win the pokemon league, and Team Rocket are being douches.

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#7 Posted by Teaspoon83 (632 posts) -

I loved Pokemon Yellow and Silver as I grew up but I'm disappointed that it still uses the same combat system like the games of the past. Why? What I want out of a Pokemon game is real 3D arena combat. Give you the ability to control your character around the arena to dodge or use cover behind obstacles. This would allow for using a weaker Pokemon that has a disadvantage a fighting chance. Access to special abilities based around mana system so you don't end up using one strong Pokemon to defeat entire groups of Pokemon so you would have to swap them out and rely on your team you developed. 
I realized this after they brought the Stadium games to the N64 which at the time looked great and I enjoyed the time I spent playing against my brother but I always wanted something deeper when it came to combat.

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I'd like the choice to either defeat, join or completely ignore Team ______, the latter of which results in them taking over the world.  The middle one would result in the player ruling the world. 
Also, they need to fix the PC.  That is still very clunky.

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#9 Posted by Icemael (6860 posts) -
  1. No.
  2. Why?
  3. Pokemon is about light-hearted, carefree fun.
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#10 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19836 posts) -

The 3DS won't even be released when the game is, so that point is moot.

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to be honest, I don't think much of improving the plot, but I had so ideas for game mechanics

1. introduce improved speed, instead of letting it be turn based, switch it up, you can only make a move when your speed bar is full, making speed that much more important

2. a complete rebalance, instead of senselessly boosting a certain stat and spamming moves, get rid of leveling intirely, make it so even revisiting old areas can still be a challenge. the higher level a pokemon, the wider variety of moves it can have, low level pokemon are predictable, making them easy to beat with a strategy, the higher the level, the more unpredictable a move set, the more dangerous.

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#12 Posted by Aegon (7236 posts) -

Wait, were people actually against Pokemon games going 3D? What the fuck?

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