Official Pokédex app released on iOS

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What is the world coming to?!

You can buy the official Pokédex app on iOS right now. For $1.99, you'll have access to the Unova region, and will be able to look at polygonal models of these Pokémon, examine their moves, and more. It's not very different than the app that is also available on Nintendo 3DS. Here's where it gets frustrating...

I played with the app a bit. It seems functional and nifty, but I don't like it enough to pay a total of $26 to see all of the content. Here's hoping there will be a sale sometime in the future for all the other regions.

You can buy it on iTunes over here, and check out the official site here.

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Type Pokemon into Google and you will quickly find several websites that contain better and more detailed Pokedex's.. for free.

Anyone who pays that much money for this has to be high.

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There's been Pokedex apps since the iPhone's been out. How is this one any better than the last ones?

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