Pokemon Champion releases his Doduo in the hallway of a hotel

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From the article:

"Two-time Pokémon champion Ruben Puig Lecegui was stripped of his his title at the United Kingdom Video Game Championship following a scandal in which he and members of his team are accused of leaving their hotel rooms to take a shit in the hall."

Despicable, I guess the pokéscene saw what was happening within the fighting community in recent weeks and figured: Oh hell, we can top that! And I bet they're the jackasses that'll mess up a public bathroom, pisses on the seat and stuff the toilet with tp just for fucking shits and giggles. I assume they spent most of their time learning how to min/max pokemons to learn about basic human decency.

I don't have much else to say, fucking disgraceful.

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Lecegui uses Hallway Shit Attack...it's Super Effective!

Bahahahahaha, what a dumbarse.

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I wonder if they were trying to roleplay a ground type battle?

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@CornishRocker said:

I wonder if they were trying to roleplay a ground type battle?

Shit and Pokémon. Some people have some weird paraphilias.

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