Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald

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So I'm really into Pokemon again. I have LeafGreen, Diamond, and Soul Silver therefore the last one I need to have all the main games (i'm including the reamkes as main games and as substitutes to the originals). I have played Sapphire (then my brother gave it away), and I then got Ruby (and that got stolen), so now I'm open to all 3. Which is the better Gen 3 Pokemon game? Emerald, Sapphire or Ruby?

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Emerald is better, because it's got some cool new things to do once the elite four are down, and you can get both legendary pokemons... but I think I enjoyed my time with Ruby the most. Why? I'm not sure.

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I haven't played Emerald, but out of Ruby and Sapphire I'd say Ruby, because Kyogre is so overpowered. I caught it and completed the league straight away, no grinding required. In Ruby you have to work harder to beat the league. However, if you want to play against someone for some reason then Sapphire.

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Emerald.  It has more features that Ruby and Sapphire don't have.

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@JJOR64 said:
" Emerald.  It has more features that Ruby and Sapphire don't have. "
Yep. Emerald is the best.
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All are still wickedly expensive for GBA games last time I checked, just putting that out there. A little ridiculous.

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