The Design of Old Jynx Racist?

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Now I for one didn't really pay attention to it when I was growing up as a kid, but there has been complaints about Jynx and Mr. Popo being depicted as Blackface. A form of play that used to go on around the 50s and 60s that had Caucasian males paint there faces black and act as stereotyped caricature of a African American. Pretty much these actors would humiliate and act ignorant to show how they saw the African American race as a whole. Now I can kind of understand Mr. Popo, as the engliish dub does make him kind of act like a slave of Kami's, but the lady, named Carole Boston Weatherford, filed the complaint about Jynx was kind of stretching it. Sure Jynx design is loosely based on Blackface, with the bright white eyes, big lips and completely black face, but studying other culture's folklore first would of shut this complaint down a long time ago. Sadly, no one at the time could come up with a valid argument to counter this, until Game Theory arrived.

Game Theory is hosted by Matthew Patrick, and coined the show as "Mythbusters for Video Games" All his videos are extremely well done and gives you great theories to think about on each episode. He has devoted 4 episodes to Pokemon and the particular one named Jynx. Recently he released a video that once and for all proved that Jynx was definitely designed from Japanese folklore based off of Yama Uba. A female figure to have long golden hair, a black face, a red dress, and to seduce people with her dances. All of this matches the description of Jynx to a T. And to put icing of the cake, in one rendition, she was able to make snow on top of mountains during the winter. Thus giving the origin of Jynx's Ice Powers. All of this a very fascinating and I can't do the show justice.

So here is the latest video which shows what I am talking about.

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That's a really good video. It's always nice to lay old gaming rumors to rest, especially something as nasty as the whole Jynx fiasco.

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