who is your favourite pokemon?

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@fowlowl26: I hate Gengar, you need to trade just to get him and I always thought Haunter looked cooler. 
(Haunter is my favorite Ghost-type, no contest.)
Anyway, my favorite is: Cubone 

 "Bone bone!"
He's cute, kinda strong with unique attacks like Bonemerang. 
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Blastoise. He's a turtle withfucking cannons protruding from his shell. It doesn't get more awesome than that.

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Charizard or Blastoise.

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Snorlax.  If he was real we would be best friends.
I made him one of my main six in HeartGold.  He definitely can hold his own.  Especially with his eating of leftovers at the end of each turn that give him health back.

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This should be a Poll with 493 options to select from.  Haha, that'd be great! :D 
As far as my favorite, I like Gengar the best too, but don't really like him in my team. 

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I'm pretty sure this topic exists.
Regardless, I must reinforce my love for Umbreon.

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Skarmory for sure

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