Would you like an Action oriented pokemon game?

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Back when I was 9 Pokemon was one of my favorite games, it had so many options, over 150 (The first one I played was Gold) Pokemon to choose from, each with it's evoulutions and attacks ( O.O ), I was amazed to see how deep this game was and I sunk into it for hours non-stop. 10 years have passed since than, and today I'm looking at Heart Gold, a much advanced version of the game, something I know 10 years ago I'd die to get my hands on, and now, it seems dull to me. I played it for two hours or so, but the game was tiring and repetitive, the mechanics that kept me going 10 years ago, held me back today, the turn based system wasn't fun to me at all.
Looking at that, I was thinking, what if Pokemon could get a real action title? (Not like that lame excuse for a title, pokemon rumble),
And than I started imagining, Having the same travel gameplay, only with a bit (just a bit) less wild pokemon encounters, and battles are made in real time combat in a way similar to the Super Smash brothers series. Of course it might take years to only design, but the result might be as fun as ever. What do you think?

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 I haven't been playing the newer Pokemon games, I played the first that came out for DS but can't remember it much. To be honest the only thing that will get me to pay full price for a pokemon game at this point is if they remade red or blue and just sold me that.    

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