Anyone else have this game on Steam and never purchased it?

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I noticed this morning that I now have this game in my games owned list, it does not appear to be any kind of free weekend promo, and as far as I can tell no one gifted it to me. I bought this game from Telltale, but not through Steam.  
Any one else notice this? Am I missing something? 

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@Murtaug:  Is there some way your Steam client found the executable without you manually adding it?  Or vice versa with the game adding itself?
I wouldn't be surprised if they went "hey, Steam detected, add it to the list so people actually get the TF2 achievement items."
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Weird. Must have checked to see if you had Steam when you installed it.

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Figured it out I believe. 
Looks like if you register the code you get from Telltale in order to get the Team Fortress 2 rewards credited to your account it will add the game to your Steam account as well.  
If you bought directly from Telltale as I did, go here: 
Copy the code you get into the "add game" option in Steam, that is about the only thing I can think of that I did other than have the game installed on my PC.

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Telltale's Alan Johnson says:

Right now, there are no plans to link a TTG purchased Poker Night at the Inventory to Steam. That said, you do get the pre-order visor via an email code that will be going out soon.
And I haven't heard anything further, so I suspect that's still the case. Go to and log in. That will show you what you own, when you got it, how you got it, and how much it cost. What does it say for Poker Night at the Inventory?

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