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    Concentrated virtual idiocy, and also, some cards.

    Smoked meats.
    Smoked meats.

    It's 2:37 AM and I am more than a little intoxicated. A very grumbly Austrian man is throwing a laser shield around like Captain America on the rooftop suite of a near future Macao casino. He grows increasingly frustrated with my fellow American compatriot who is flying a small drone around instead of looking at his cards. An aggressive 4-bet is thrown into the pile of chips in the middle in order to illicit a reaction, while the occasional floor-triggering sound effects of "Demon Slayer" emit on occasion from the player on my left. If he doesn't mute himself or turn that shit down, I'm raising him the second I peek my cards and see significant paint. A Greek man from New York tries to redirect the conversation to vaccine conspiracies. With my hand folded, I instead turn my attention to trying to clip my virtual cow through the table.

    This, in it's most distilled form, is PokerStars VR. And on my Quest 2, it's the only app I ever boot anymore.

    3D spaces for playing poker are nothing new. A small French studio tried this in the late 2000's on PC with the gambling house PKR. PokerStars VR wasn't the first VR poker game to hit the Oculus store. But Lucky VR Inc have realized over the past three years of this game the most important aspect of bringing players together in virtual environments; it needs to be incredibly fucking stupid. And from the props to the modes to the players, they have delivered.

    I've amassed a decent dumb crap collection. And yes, the cigs are  one per-use, so I got un pipe.
    I've amassed a decent dumb crap collection. And yes, the cigs are one per-use, so I got un pipe.

    What works? There's a really good slot machine. The play money prices for regular people that aren't whale packages are very reasonable considering the service they are offering. There's Blackjack, and now, sports betting. Other poker variants like Omaha, stud and draw aren't anywhere to be seen, but I don't really want to play 5-Card Draw like I'm on a missile destroyer that lost its Uno deck anyway. The UI is smart, the games move reasonably fast, the little toys are fun and aren't too unreasonable to earn through gameplay, and a majority of the people playing are either nice, or at the very least, quiet. I think I saw Swery once.

    What doesn't? 14 year olds with brand new headsets shouting slurs into the mic. Anti-troll controls are there, but seem to not always be effective. It was very, very funny the first time somebody pulled out a riot shield and prevented a player from seeing his cards because they didn't know how to mute his avatar down to a mannequin; less funny the second or third time. Free Chips are given out via a roulette wheel in the lobby, leading to a virtual line waiting to use it and all of the chaos that comes with that.

    I don't really know why I'm writing a review for PSVR so far after the fact except that it seems like a lot of you bought Quest 2's, and I absolutely think you should give it a go if you have any interest at poker at all. At best, you'll meet a few interesting people. At worst, you'll tear off your headset in disgust. That's the magic of VR multiplayer; and for seated VR multiplayer, this is the best free game I've played on the platform.

    Played on Quest 2 and PC over Oculus Link. I saw a dude get straight flushed over quads the other day. It was brutal.

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